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You may see the phrase “wine of the month” and “wine of the month club” used in reference to several selections and membership offers, especially in the current Internet wine industry. But there is only one “Wine of the Month Club®, Inc.” Both phrases are registered trademarks of “the oldest mail order wine club in America.”

Since 1972, the founders of the club have searched the world for the best varieties, building their inventory to include wines from:
  • California
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • and many other regions around the globe.

Paul Kalemkiarian, Sr. had a goal of tasting all the great wines he could get access to so that he could provide “the best values for his customers at Palos Verdes Wines and Spirits” in Southern California.

He chose the two best values each month and eventually his walk-in customers ask that the selections be delivered to their homes on a regular basis. Paul Kalemkiarian, Jr. took on the delivery duties.

Website screenshot of the Wine of The Month Club website.

This is a screenshot of their website's home page.

Different Membership Levels

1. Classic Series

As the Wine of the Month Club® website states, “This is the club that started it all.”

Each month Kalemkiarian tastes as many as 400 wines from sources such as trade-show tastings, personal visits to winemakers and tasting sessions at the retail shop. Continuing the traditional Tasting on Tuesday that his father started, he selects two wines to be featured, searching for two wines that are distinctly different.

A red variety and a white variety are sent unless the customer specifies all red or all white. Generally, one wine is domestic to the United States while the other is imported. The final choices represent about one percent of the wines tasted. A 12-page newsletter is included with each shipment. In most cases, selected wines are those that might be available at a local shop for $12 to $15.

Membership subscriptions are $19.98 per month, plus shipping and taxes.

Click here if you are interested in their popular wine club called "Classic Series" (direct link, will open in a new window).

2. Vintner Series

This is the newest category under the Wine of the Month Club® banner. Variety and flavor seem to be the key words for this series, as Kalemkiarian seeks wines that express winemaker personality and philosophy. Wines for the Vintner Series come from such diverse locations as Bordeaux, Tuscany, Australia and Virginia.

As with the Classic Series, two featured selections are delivered each month, one red and one white unless the customer indicates otherwise. Selection are usually paired – one domestic and one imported. Wines in this series might be available at a local shop in the $18 to $20 price range.

Monthly subscriptions are $29.98 per month, plus shipping and taxes.

Click here to check out the Vintner Series (direct link, will open in a new window).

3. Limited Series

Presented as “Special Occasion” wines, this series offers “Super Premium Wines at less than Premium Prices.” Each month, Limited Series members receive two limited-production wines that are difficult to find and often not found in stores due to short supply. These are the best examples of “classic collector wines.”

With input from “a panel of distinguished wine authors and critics” the club prepares a selection from more than 1,200 wines. Only the finest are selected for the Limited Series. These wines might sell in a shop for $25 to $30 per bottle, if available.

Monthly subscriptions are $39.98 plus shipping and taxes.

Click here to check out the Limited Series (direct link, will open in a new window).

But Wait...There’s More!

Don’t be misled into thinking that great wines are the only benefits of developing a relationship with Wine of the Month Club®. Of course, locating and offering the finest wines of the world is top priority for this California-based business.

However, with almost four decades of experience behind them, the founder’s family also offers knowledge of wine and the joy of sharing one of nature’s treasures. The club newsletter contains a wealth of information about wine-growing regions, the effects of climate on grapes, history of winemakers, suggestions for creating a perfect place for wine storage and recipes that help you match meals with wines.

Paul Kalemkiarian, Jr. continues the tradition started by his father in the early part of the 1970s. He acknowledges that the foundation of the business is “mail order” wine, but adds that he also provides a wine “correspondence course” that enhances the customer’s enjoyment and knowledge of great wines.

One more thing which really underlines their commitment to customer satisfaction...

Wine of the Month Club® is so confident in its choices that they guarantee customers will “never pay for a wine you don’t like.” Customers may contact the business and ask that another variety be sent.

Among the contact methods that keep Wine of the Month Club® and its customers so closely connected is “Ask the Cellarmaster.”

Visitors to the club website may choose this from the menu on the left hand side of the main page then pose a wine-related question to the experts.

Another option for members is the Wine Club Dinner, occasional events held at quality restaurants in various locations. One 2009 event was held in Las Vegas. Entrees are always the finest available and great wines are selected to complement the meal.

What About Wine Gifts?

As with most quality clubs, Wine of the Month Club® has a wonderful selection of gift baskets and wine accessories. If you need a great gift for a family member or close friend, you may choose from a wide variety of gift baskets.

Prices range from about $36 to $150.

Selections include

  • The Holiday Gathering Basket

  • Savory Gourmet Basket

  • Aficionado Basket and many more.

The website also offers a number of quality wine accessories.

If you already enjoy Wine of the Month Club® and want to extend the pleasure to someone else, why not choose a gift membership?

Choose one of the three wine series – Classic, Vintner or Limited – and introduce a family member, friend or business associate to the original Wine of the Month Club®.

“The first package arrives in pristine condition in a beautiful linen burgundy box with a hand written card. Your personal message is inscribed.”

Of course, you can always purchase great wines of the world at the online Wine Shoppe, stay current with wine-world news from the website and/or sign up for the regular email newsletter.

Veteran Wine of the Month Club® members are glad they did!

Final note from the author

I had the chance to directly communicate with the Social Media Administrator of the company. A polite and helpful lady and for me a mirror of the whole company:

  • Quality products,

  • friendly and helpful people

  • and passion for wine.

I just can recommend them to anybody who is thinking about a wine club membership!

Click here to visit the original Wine of The Month Club® (direct link, will open in a new window).

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