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As a special and heartfelt gesture of thanks, wine gift baskets in Florida are a sure way to go. Whether this was your first time to the Sunshine State or a regular visit, a wine gift basket is the perfect gift to show your thanks and appreciation to your host.

Or, if you have a special friend in the state of Florida, a wine gift basket is the perfect way to let that person know you are thinking of them! (If you are going to ship a wine basket to the state of Florida, just be sure to check on the shipping regulations and rules of your vendor.)

Are Wine Gift Baskets the Right Choice?

If you aren’t sure if a wine gift basket is the right choice for the recipient, take a moment or two to think about what that person is interested in. If they love good wine and delicious food, then the decision is easy!

If you aren’t sure how much they love wine and food, think about time spent with them. Have you enjoyed a bottle of wine together? Have you gone to wine tastings or tours with them? A few moments of your time will definitely help determine if the wine gift basket is the ideal choice.

What to Put in a Wine Gift Basket

Once you’ve decided that a wine gift basket is the best choice, what do you put in it besides wine? And what kind of wine do you choose? If you aren’t sure what type of wine the recipient prefers most, a safe choice is a simple white wine. A single bottle of wine is just right for a basket, but there are other items to think about. Most common accompaniments to the bottle in a gift basket include cheese, fruit, pretzels, crackers, and nuts.

When you are choosing the accompaniments, just think about what might pair nicely with the particular bottle you have chosen. If you have chosen a light and refreshing white wine, mixed nuts and hard candies in the flavor of one of the aromas of the wine might be nice. If the wine is a richer variety, you may want to select more savory accompaniments such as herb flavored crackers or cheeses.

Sending your Wine Gift Basket

Sending wine gift baskets in Florida is generally not an issue. The state does allow for wine and alcohol to be shipped to recipients over the age of 21, so if you order a wine gift basket from a vendor, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Many wine gift baskets are available online pre-made. If you do want to handpick the contents of your wine gift basket, many online wine basket retailers let you choose from a variety of options, which makes the whole process a lot more fun!

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