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The various wine club reviews on this page cover the well known companies such as the popular Cellars Wine Club or the California Wine Club.

But in recent years the wine club industry has grown and grown and grown.

Specific wine deliveries: New wine clubs are appearing all the time (some you may not know). Besides the big-brands there are more and more clubs which are specialized in a particular field. For example - there are Pinot Noir wine clubs or companies which deliver only Chardonnay wine. This is a great choice if you have a favorite wine. You get what you love the most! The second part of these wine club reviews will provide you with links to those specialized companies.

These reviews of wine clubs may help you with additional information and tips that may be interesting and useful.

To get the most out of your wine club membership - take some time and investigate your possibilities. Scroll down and see if a wine club draws your attention. Then look at our review and ONLY then, decide if this particular club is for you.

Here are four things which might help you with your decision. Choose your wine club depending on:

  • your needs
  • your preferred types of wine
  • the frequency of supplies
  • and your budget!

  • 1. Wine Club Reviews of ...

    Cellars wine club

    Cellars Wine Club Review
    In my opinion one of the best wine clubs you can find today. Their website is top-notch, great customer service and you can choose between 10 different wine club memberships. All in all - outstanding!
    Original Wine of The Month Club®

    The Original Wine of The Month Club®
    Nearly four decades experience in the wine business which makes them the oldest sustained mail order wine club in the United States. Kudos to this company! Why? Read it by clicking the link above.

    California wine club

    California Wine Club Review
    Also a veteran (two decades now) - understands their way of doing business as "friends recommending wines to friends". You can expect to deal with an excellent company with quailty wines from the Golden State.

    The wine club Santa Ana

    The Wine Club Santa Ana
    Another quality supplier which serves a large portion of California (and ships items around the globe). The wine club is a bit different - find out why...

    Gold medal wine club

    Gold Medal Wine Club Review
    This exclusive, high caliber wine of the month club has a strict policy in terms of standards and quality. You will receive wines from the very best growers and wineries from not just California, but the globe!

    4 Seasons wine club

    Four Seasons Wine Club Review
    With a membership to this club you can enjoy the world's greatest wines! You'll receive three bottles from unique wineries every three month. Find out more...

    Sideways wine club

    Sideways Wine Club
    direct connection to the Sideways Wine Club will find themselves directed to Dave the Wine Merchant.

    Sunday times wine club

    Sunday Times Wine Club
    Another veteran club which is in my opinion one of the best choices for wine novices. Find out why...

    International wine club

    International Wine Club
    With this club you have all options. Membership choices are excellent and you should have no problems to fit the budget and taste...

    Pacific wine club

    Pacific Wine Club
    Pacific Wine Club does have club offerings that separate this group from others. New members get three bottles instead of two in their first month...
    Paso Robles wine club
    Paso Robles Wine Club
    Paso Robles is in the heart of Central California, known around the world as a great wine-growing region. Wine club members can experience the great wines from this area at significant discounts.

    Virginia wine club
    Virginia Wine Club
    Here you'll find a fun and casual environmend where people can learn about, enjoy, and share good wine.

    Amazing wine club

    Where's the Amazing Wine Club?
    Once a very popular wine club...

    Wine gift club
    Wine Gift Club
    Give a gift that keeps on giving to friends and family...

    2. Specialized wine of the month clubs...

    Pinot Noir wine

    Pinot Noir wine club
    If you love red wine - why not become a member in a Pinot Noir wine club? You'll receive one of the world's greatest wines on a regular basis. Read about the benefits of such a club...
    Red wine club
    A lot of wine lovers have a fable for red wines. Why not enroll in a "only red wines" club and get them delivered to your door on a regular basis?


    White wine club

    White wine club
    Wine lovers who prefer the crisp and light taste of the world's great white wines may want to choose from one of many excellent club memberships.


    Merlot wine club

    Merlot wine club
    If you are one of the Merlot-wine-lovers who are particularly fans of this fantastic grape - have a look at this wine club recommendation...


    Italian wine club

    Italian wine club
    When it comes to wine - Italy should be one of your first thoughts. Quality, variety, tradition. Claim some tips for great Italian wine clubs...

    Chardonnay wine
    Chardonnay wine club
    Find out more about a Chardonnay-only membership...

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