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Wine club ratings are an ideal way for you to choose the most suitable club without actually trying it...which might be risky if it's not what you were looking for.

It's also a great way to get some basic information without unneccessary details. Our wine of the month ratings are really geared towards YOU! We want you to have the basic information about any specific club which help you to choose the right wine club membership.

Our very own (subjective) ratings system depends on several factors:

  • Overall website (easy navigation, ordering process, contact possibilities, payment options etc.)

  • Price and value

  • Features which create some "uniqueness"

  • Consumer reviews (one of the most important ranking factors for us!)

Our best rated wine clubs

1. Cellars Wine Club

Top rated

The Cellars Wine Club is definitely one of the top three wine of the month clubs.

Month after month, it really seems that this club deserves the grade "Outstanding" - and this is based on several factors.

  • Exceptional website, clearly layed out, easy ordering process

  • Unique virtual "spokesperson" which introduces new visitors about the Cellars wine club (I never saw this on any other website)

  • 10 different wine clubs

  • All price ranges (from budget to premium)

2. The California Wine Club

California Premier Club

The California Wine Club is also one of the veteran wine of the month clubs. As the name tells you - a membership in this club is an excellent choice if you are looking for "wines from the West".

  • Personal flair (even like in a family)

  • Focus on quality (the owners treat their members like friends - and they recommend wines to their friends!)

  • Uncluttered website (rather spare if you visit the first time, but that way it's also very straightforward)

  • Three different memberships available - starting at $34.95 with the Premier Club

All in all, a very solid wine club with excellent wines.

3. Four Seasons Wine Club

4 Seasons wine club

The Four Seasons Wine Club offers it's members wines from unique wineries from all over the world!

  • Every three month (once each season) - wine club members receive 12 different bottles of wine.

  • The wine selections are different each season ... different wines, different vintages, different regions - exciting!

  • With each package you'll also receive a preview of the next season's package.

4. Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal wine club

The Gold Medal Wine Club is a bit different because wines are not based on the company's preferences, but on exciting and new wines!

  • You can expect to only receive high quality wines. The club has very strict standards for new wines.

  • Besides new wines you will also receive bottles which have won awards!

  • Five memberships available - very flexible to meet your budget.

5. The Wine Club

The wine club

The Wine Club serves a large portion of California but also ships to customers around the globe.

  • You can contact staff members directly (no other wine club offers this) via email and phone.

  • Large selection of individual wines. Like a special wine? You can buy it directly without the need of a club membership.

  • Excellent navigation - categorized very well.

  • Great selections when you are a wine club member.

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