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Perhaps wine club gifts are so popular because in the last decade, the wine industry has exploded onto the scene like never before. Visiting your local gourmet grocery store or wine and cheese shop, you will notice all sorts of food items, accouterments, and devices aimed solely at the wine enthusiast.

Today, the wine enthusiast may enjoy such wine gifts as wine journals, wine accessories, the abundance of wine specialty stores, and even participate in wine tasting and smelling parties.

For someone who really loves a good glass of wine and experiencing tastes from all over the world, a wine club gift may be perfect for any occasion.

Enjoy your wine club gift.

Wine club memberships are one of the best wine gifts for a wine lover.

If you aren’t familiar with what a wine club is, it will help to understand before making it a gift for a loved one or colleague. Basically a wine club will allow the member to enjoy a new wine on a regular basis, via mail delivery. There are many reasons as to why such a gift is so perfect. You can find an introduction to wine clubs here: What are wine clubs?

Have you heard the phrase, “the gift that keeps on giving?”

Well, cliché as it may be, it is perfectly true when it comes to wine clubs. With a wine club, the recipient receives a new bottle of wine (or two) each month, for the allotted time you have chosen. So, whenever he or she opens up the latest bottle and enjoys a glass of wine, you will be in their thoughts!

The wine club member will receive the wine on a regular basis.

The wine club member will receive the wines on a regular basis - without the need to leave the house.

Even if you know nothing about wine, the club will. This means that the wine club will offer high quality choices when it comes to the bottles they offer. Any good wine club has a panel of experts that make the selections for the club so that members are exposed to only the best. Wine clubs allow both novices and aficionados the opportunity to sample some of the best wines from all over the globe.

Speaking of the best wines from all over the globe, the gift of a wine club does just that – if the recipient is not one who has the opportunity to travel frequently, the wine club will allow the chance to get a taste of other countries. Some wine clubs focus on specific wine regions while others give exposure to a broad selection. Depending on who you are choosing the club for, you may want to take that into consideration.

Education is key and knowledge is power...

A good wine club will not only provide bottles of wine, but will also provide plenty of supplemental information. Usually, a monthly newsletter will accompany the wines delivered that offers additional information about the featured wine region, the wine industry, and much more.

If you have chosen wine club gifts for more experienced wine enthusiasts, you will be helping them not only enjoy wine on a monthly basis, but perhaps add to their cellar. Anyone interested in wine will adore the opportunity to add to their budding or existing collection. Wine club gifts truly are a perfect gift, for any occasion.

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