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If you are a wine club company and want to get listed on, this page is your first step.

Our point for everything we do ... keep it simple and keep our visitors happy! And that's what we did with this listing process as well.

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The whole process involves five easy steps and will take an average of around 10 minutes to complete. But, before we guide you through the listing process, let us show you how your company can benefit from a partnership with our site.

Benefits Of A Listing In Our Directory

  • Highly targeted visitors

  • 90% of our traffic comes from the United States and Canada (according to Google Analytics)

  • Some of the industrie's most respected wine clubs rely on

  • We don't require an affiliate link - you can keep 100% of the revenue generated through our site (of course, if you want us to become an affiliate in the future, too - we would happily join).

  • Continuous value over time

  • Objective review which pre-sells your wine club

  • Highly effective "third-party" recommendation as we are neutral and just recommend great clubs to friends!

The Unique Flavor of

  • Our visitors are the audience you want to reach.

  • seeks quality partners, who want to create a win-win-win partnership (you, visitors,

What You Get With A Featured Membership

A featured membership includes:

  1. An objective review about your wine club (based on your website).

  2. A separate page for the review. Your company name/wine club name as filename (for example: Of course, you can also choose another filename.

  3. At least two internal links to the review page of your club.

  4. Once your membership is ready (incl. our review), we will notify visitors and RSS subscribers about your company via our Wine Club Blog.

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Prices Of A Featured Membership

We are offering two payment options:

1) Monthly membership fee of US$9.95

2) Yearly membership fee of US$109.45 (1 month free!)

We strive to OVERdeliver whether it's about our visitors or you, our business partner.

Last but not least, our traffic from the major search engines is growing from month to month. Over time you will recognize that "the fee is peanuts compared to what you get from".

Easy 5-Steps Listing Process

  1. Submit your company details.

  2. If I accept your company I will send you a special link to a page which confirms that we received your company details.

  3. You will then be forwarded to a page were you have to read an agreement between your company and (details about quitting the relationship, dates, all the legal stuff...).

  4. After you accepted the agreement you will be forwarded to a secure order form at Clickbank were you can make your payment (Credit card or PayPal).

  5. When you've successfully finished the payment you will be finally forwarded to a thank you page with additional information about how and when your listing will be ready. That's it!

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