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Wine cheese baskets are a very popular alternative to the same old gift during not only the holiday season, but other gift-giving events. Such gift baskets are appropriate for thank-you gifts, hostess gifts, graduations, and even corporate gifts. Anyone who loves wine and cheese will surely appreciate a wine and cheese gift basket – for any occasion.

Why are wine and cheese gift baskets so perfect? Perhaps it is because the combination of wine and cheese has been the perfect match since the beginning of time. Wine and cheese is the perfect pair and allow people to show off their sophisticated palate. Such a gift basket will show the recipient that you know of his or her appreciation of the good things in food and culture.

Filling the Basket

Filling the wine and cheese basket isn’t as hard as you may think. Choosing the right wine and cheese really comes down to personal preference, not just where the wine and cheeses were made. However, the regions from which the wine and cheeses hail will definitely help you choose the contents of your basket. Selecting wine and cheeses from the same or similar regions will help save time and trouble when building a wine cheese basket.


If you know about wine, you probably have an idea about cheese. Just as wine is made with much care, artistry, and complexity, cheese is as well. The craft of cheese making is more of an art than most methods of making any type of food, which is why wine and cheese pair so well together. Depending on the ingenuity of the cheese maker, you will either have a little piece of heaven or something much better!

Cheese can be made from almost any type of milk including sheep, goat, cow, or even yak’s milk. Cheese may also be soft or hard, fresh or poached, cured, or aged. Sometimes, cheese will have a natural rind or a flourished or washed one. There is virtually no end to the artistry of cheese making. Some cheeses are painstakingly made with herbs, leaves, and even ribbons of wine!

Wine and Cheese Pairing

In most cases, red wine will go with almost any cheese. And white wines go well with fresh and soft creamy cheeses. If you have a good goat’s milk cheese, either a red or a white wine will pair well with it. The softer cheeses, such as Brie and Camembert, are excellent with fine white wines and fruity, light bodied red wines. If you have champagne or sweet sherry, you will do better with soft or semi-hard cheeses.

Choosing the Basket

Your budget, the season, and personal preference will all help determine the contents of wine cheese baskets. The typical wine and cheese basket will include not only the wine and cheese but also accessories.

You will want to include a couple of wine glasses, napkins, a cheese knife, a cutting board, and perhaps even a wine bottle opener. Perhaps you could even include some crackers and mixed nuts.

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