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Of all the areas to choose from when thinking about gifts for a special person or a special occasion, wine accessories gifts definitely gives us as many choices as any other. Whether the gift is one item, a pre-made basket or gift box, or a custom gift of several smaller pieces, presenting wine accessories on a birthday or holiday can be a memorable experience.

One of the best things about choosing gifts in this area is the range of prices in many available categories.

1. Low budget gifts

Individual pieces and smaller gift sets are often priced well under $50, for those who need a great gift and have a limited budget.

2. Higher budget

If there is more money available for larger items, we can choose from numerous quality pieces and gift boxes that cost from $100 and $250.

Here are a few examples of categories to choose from:

  • Halloween
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Thank You
Each of these categories is also sub-divided into $50 and under; $100 and under; $250 and under. Those two breakdowns provide a lot of variety. The choices are almost limitless!

Choose your gifts depending on "levels of expertise"

The world of wine and accessories gifts has several levels of expertise as well.

  • Excellent choices are available for a friend or family member who is just starting to enjoy wine and its related lifestyle.

  • We can also select from a variety of gifts that will please even the most experienced wine lover.

It’s difficult to begin listing individual items that can qualify as wine accessories gifts. There are so many we may unintentionally leave out. But here are a few of the most popular choices, according to wine-industry and gift-giving experts:

  • Wine stoppers – These are available in a dizzying array of styles and designs, ranging from the simple rubber stopper in various colors to holiday themes such as Christmas, 4th of July and weddings. Some wineries offer intricately carved stoppers that reflect a particular area of the country or a geographical theme.

  • Glassware is always a great idea – Decanters and stemmed glasses are available as individual items and in presentation sets. Some glassware sets are packaged in quality wood boxes, leather cases or in picnic sets. Picnic sets have become extremely popular with the increased interest in wine over the past decade.

  • Wine chillers – These vary in price from under $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on size and construction. The smaller items in this category include ice-chilling copper containers. Some of the newer choices feature thermoelectric/heat pump technology that is silent and efficient. One choice in this category will accommodate 30 bottles for about $200 (Here are a few suggestions for wine coolers)

  • Home wine racks are another popular item. These come in a variety of sizes and may be constructed from wood, wrought iron or stainless steel. Top-quality wine racks made from wood can be quite affordable, with basic models available under $100.

    Larger racks with more intricate design might cost $200, $300 or more, depending on size and on art work that is involved. Any wine lover will appreciate a decorative wine rack that fits into the décor of the home.

Other wine gift ideas...

Wine gift basket

Of course, you may want to look into a ready-made gift basket or box set that includes a variety of wine-related items. Numerous Web-based “stores” offer these attractive and popular gifts.

Basic gift baskets/sets might include a quality corkscrew, bottle stoppers and a beginner’s book for enjoying wine in nice basket or box that is perfect for gift-giving.
(Here's an additional article about discount wine gift baskets)

Cheese with wine More complex sets might include wine-related food items such as cheese, mulling spices and chocolates, along with some of the “hardware” mentioned above. These can range from $30 to $300, depending on the individual items included in the pre-made set.

A few specific wine accessories gifts...

Let’s look at a few specific items among wine accessories gifts, now that we have an overview.

Wine tote

Wine tote

If you have a friend or family member who loves to enjoy their wine outdoors, perhaps at a music festival or craft show, a wine tote might be the perfect gift.

Two-bottle carriers that include a corkscrew are available from several sources for less than $50. These might be constructed of leather, reinforced canvas or even aluminum. More intricate tote kits cost about $100.

Glassware sets

Wine glassware set

Glassware sets that include a shaped decanter and two stemmed glasses are available from $30 to $100 from several suppliers.

The cost of such wine accessories depends on designer name and glassware manufacturer.

In addition, some of these sets are shipped in carefully packed boxes without a presentation case. The higher-priced items generally include a presentation box or travel kit.

Wine Journal

Wine journal

Experienced wine lovers often keep accurate records of the different wines they have enjoyed. A beginning wine lover might want to start keeping similar records from the first bottle. In both cases, a leather-bound wine journal can be a great gift.

Prices vary from well under $50 to $100 or more, with the higher-priced items including personalized logos and embossed printing. Many journals have pages ready for those personal reviews and notes about favorite wines.

Wine Jacket

Wine Jacket

If a wine lover needs a great gift and the budget is rather limited, a wine jacket might be a good choice. These are available in a variety of price ranges, from a few dollars for plastic wraps that can be put in the freezer for an hour or two to the more expensive designer ice jackets that cost $40 to $60 dollars.

Jewelry and Apparel

It would be hard to consider wine accessories gifts without covering two more personal areas – jewelry and apparel. Numerous suppliers offer such items as:

  • earrings

  • bracelets

  • shirts

  • and jackets with wine themes.
Wine jewelry These choices range from sterling silver earrings in wine-glass shape for about $30 to grape-shaped diamonds for $800 or more. Some suppliers offer excellent watches with grape-theme faces for $50 to $60 dollars.

If clothing items would please the gift receiver, a wine tie or beach towel might fit the bill. These are available in an array of themes and colors with a price of $20 to $30.

Bottom line...

With wine accessories gifts, there are few limits. Use your imagination and find the perfect item for the wine lover in your life.

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