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If you are trying to lose weight chances are you will hear that wine is not the best drink for you to have. However, if you drink it in moderation you will be able to enjoy a great glass of wine on occasion. Now the question is which of the wines have less calories, the answer is simply that white wine has fewer calories than the reds.

Some people think that this has something to do with the color of the wine, however it does not, the number of calories depend completely on how much alcohol that the wine has.

Why does white wine have less calories? Some rough guidelines:

The average number of calories in any wine ranges from about 80 to as high as 180 for the denser wines, so you don’t actually get a lot of calories. However, these numbers should not stop you from having one glass of wine at dinner time; the amount of calories in wine should only be of concern if you are planning on drinking quite a bit of it by yourself.

Woman drinking white wine

Woman drinking white wine
-- Why does white wine have less calories --

Wine has a number of calories, most of which comes from the alcohol that comes from the sugar used to ferment the product. In wines with a higher concentration of alcohol there is bound to be more calories than a wine that is lighter. In wines with low alcohol number, there will be a low number of calories.

When deciding on which wine to drink based on the amount of calories, you will be surprised to find that white wines has less calories but the amount is very small. Usually the difference is about 5 or fewer calories. Usually the biggest difference in the reason why white wine has fewer calories is because of the type of grapes the white wine uses.

In most cases the sweeter the grapes make the wine, the more calories it is likely to have. Another thing is that white wine is a lot lighter than red wines so they need less sugar, another point is that the red wine uses all of the fruit which has its own natural sugars which make the wine that much more sweet.

While some people may be concerned about calories when drinking wine, there is really no concern, unless of course you go on an all night drinking binge or two every week. The difference between red and white is also not a big concern as the difference between them is usually no more than 5 calories.

Also the most important thing is that you should not give up your wine because of a few calories, wine has some great health benefits that will make up for the little wine you took in.

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