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If there is one thing that characterizes Sangria, it’s the simplicity of making something that has such a great taste and is so popular with friends and family. There are several distinct Sangria recipes, separated by one or two particular ingredients that give each style a taste that is unique.

But for Sangria fans there are some basics that should not be altered if the drink is to be enjoyed as “traditional” Sangria. Here’s one recipe that is a fine example of this great, relaxing drink.

You should make sure you have on hand:

  • Bottle of dry white wine

  • Bottle of semi-sweet white wine

  • Half cup sugar

  • One liter club soda

At this point it’s only necessary to mix the ingredients well then add sliced orange, lemon, lime depending on taste. Ice and enjoy!

Pitcher of white Sangria.

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Pitcher of white Sangria

Alternative white wine Sangria recipes

Another popular recipe suggests a few specific wines, including a good Riesling, Pinot Gris or a Sauvignon Blanc. This recipe calls for a bit more sugar (2/3 cup) and a bit less club soda or ginger ale. The extra liquid is supplied by using three whole oranges. If there is time, the finished Sangria can be chilled overnight in the refrigerator. If not, ice will do just fine.

There is a great Sangria recipe that includes not only white wine but ¼ cup of brandy! This recipe also makes use of apples and whole grapes. Some recipes suggest other fruits such as peaches. Almost anything will work (almost!) because Sangria is a “punch-like” drink that can be altered to suit individual taste. This wonderful and refreshing mixture has traveled the world and has been slightly altered in various countries.

In addition to the basic Sangrias mentioned and the “extra-fruit” white wine Sangria recipes, there are some that call for additional liqueurs to fortify them for a party situation. Sangria served cold, with an above average white wine, is a great summer drink. In fact, some recipes urge the user to make a double batch because of the popularity of this great-tasting drink.

Must avoid sugar for health reasons?

For those who are sensitive about their sugar use or who must avoid sugar for health reasons, it might be good to look into the low-sugar Sangria that uses agave nectar for sweetening. If time is short or guests arrive unannounced, some retail stores even offer Sangria mixes that provide some of the basic ingredients.

Depending on the occasion and the guests who will be at the gathering you may want to experiment with color (for July 4 or Valentine’s Day) by using a red wine or a fruit that adds similar color. Some Sangria recipes focus on using native fruits from the land down under (kiwi, for example). Strawberries are a popular ingredient when fresh fruit is available in the spring and early summer. If you prefer a sparkling drink with a bit more carbonation, try sparkling wine.

No matter what your particular tastes, rest assured that there is probably Sangria that will fit the bill. Just use a good wine and fresh ingredients to create a sure crowd pleaser!

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