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If you have never heard of white merlot wine you are in good company. Most people have never heard of this variety of wine and are quite surprised to find out that it exists. Obviously, a merlot wine is made from the merlot grape and is quite similar to white zinfandel. Both varieties use similar fermentation processes.

White merlot is very diluted in color, which is another reason many people equate it with white zinfandel. It gets its pale color from its very short contact with the skin of the merlot grapes (usually hours or just a few days as opposed to weeks for red wines).

Where is White Merlot From?

White merlot is actually from France. More specifically, this type of wine hails from the Languedoc region of the country. It is thought that white merlot wine was this region’s response to the popularity of white zinfandel wines, which have grown in popularity in recent years. Because the region does not, and cannot, grow zinfandel grapes, it turned to merlot grapes as the source for this refreshing little wine.

The White Merlot Sensation

White merlot is very popular despite its being a fairly new variety of wine. White wines and rosés (also known as blushes) are quite popular during the spring and summer months because of the warmer weather and the fact that these types of wines are served with a chill.

They also pair well with a wide variety of foods, which makes them easier to drink for many people. To top it off, white wines, such as the white merlot, are less expensive than red wines, which is even more appealing in struggling economic times.

California White Merlots

When a new wine is introduced to the world, you should always know that California is watching. When white merlot exploded onto the scene as a sensation, wineries and vineyards in California’s Napa Valley also began producing a white merlot.

Napa Valley white merlot is best served chilled and is quite sweet to the taste. Just as with the white merlot varieties from France, they are also quite affordable.

What to Look For

Next time you are in your favorite wine shop, take a look around for the white merlot section, or just ask an associate to point you in the right direction. It is highly recommended that you pick up a bottle of white merlot wine just to give it a chance.

While you may not be a fan of white zinfandel, don’t snub the white merlot, especially if you love the merlot grape. Just remember, if you want to try white merlot, serve it chilled. Also, it is not the type of wine you would want to store in your wine cellar. It is best consumed within one or two years of purchase.

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