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Wine Clubs are a new way for wine lovers to show how much they love wines - through these clubs they are able to receive different types of wines on a monthly and sometimes quarterly basis.

They receive wines that may not be found in any stores that sell wine or may be hard to find. Through the club they get their wines at their front door and do not have to shop for the wines.

Often times the wine club may have a specific theme, such as all of the wines may be made in a certain state or country and some clubs will feature a certain type of wine such as red wine or white wine. The convenience of such "wine of the month clubs" have made this industry very popular and often times wine club gifts are perfect to give the wine lover in your life!

In addition, the club may offer their members special events and discounts on bulk wine purchases. This is why many wine lovers opt to join one of the many wine clubs located all over the world.

Box with three bottles of wine.

The wines are delivered to you on a regular basis

When wine clubs first made their appearance, many were called wine of the month clubs and featured one particular wine that was shipped out to their membership. The people who were usually a member were very affluent wine lovers, and it was a status symbol for those who called themselves members.

Later as the popularity of this type of club grew, many companies created their own clubs which allow less influential members join. This brought out people from all over the world who loved wine to become a member and learn as much as possible about wines.

Different price levels...

The pricing of these clubs also show some variation, there were some clubs designed for the thrifty lover of wine that range from $30 to $100 and offer some great benefits such as lower priced wines and information that they would not get anywhere else. This allowed the lower income the feeling of belonging to what had been reserved for the wealthy.

Then there are some wine clubs specifically designed to target the rich, these prices can sky rocket all the way up to $500 for some and $1000 for the most exclusive clubs. The wine that they send to members is usually hard to find and rare wines in addition to the more expensive types of wines.

But don't worry. There are MANY fantastic wine clubs online with a membership in the price range of $20 - $30. So, you shouldn't really have a problem in finding a great club with a limited budget.

Problems associated with wine clubs

In some cases there are a few problems associated with the wine clubs such as shipping, some mail programs will not allow the shipment of alcohol products through the delivery systems.

Another problem that is rarely a problem but is a problem nonetheless, is that there is no way of telling how valuable your bottle of wine really is because most of the time there is no governing party ensuring that the wine club is offering the best possible wines to its clientele.

This website is geared towards online wine clubs

Some of the wine clubs are found in small communities in wine making towns, these wineries and wine companies offer the club to its regular buyers and provide them with high quality wines on a regular basis. Another place to find wine clubs is (of course) online - many different companies have started online clubs which work almost the same as the physical wine clubs. And those online wine clubs are the focus of this website.

The recommended clubs on this site are legitimate, trustworthy and are usually in business for several years to decades in some cases!

However there are some online that is not reputable and will send the unsuspecting wine lover a bottle of bad or cheap wine on occasion. This concern however is not common and a person may find that most of these wine clubs do send great quality wines to their membership.

If you are interested in wine and want to join one of the wine clubs available, you will find there are many options available to you both online and offline. You will need to investigate both kinds in order to ensure you get the best quality wines and the best deals on wine club memberships.

For the online clubs - this website can help you find the best wine club :-)

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