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When you start thinking about how to store your favorite wine or when you need to add some additional storage space for the collection, you may want to consider wall hanging wine racks.

Wine lovers who have larger collections may already have provided for their collection with a wine room, large wall-shelf designs or elegant wine coolers. But there may come a time when you want to have your bottles close at hand and nicely displayed on a smaller wall rack.

Wine storage should be taken seriously, as the best wines are those stored in a relatively cool location, out of the direct light from windows. Experienced wine lovers know that there is a direct connection between the taste of wine and the way it is stored.

A strategically placed wine rack may be the perfect choice. As you shop for decorative and functional wall hanging wine racks, consider where it will be placed in the room, in relation to heating vents, windows and foot traffic.

One of the true benefits of a beautiful wall rack is, of course, the access to your wine when it comes time to show it to friends and enjoy a drink. Serious wine lovers and collectors will pay as much attention to the way bottles are held in a rack as they do to the art and craftsmanship of the wine rack. Choose a wall mounted wine rack that enhances the décor of the room while holding the wine properly.

Wall mounted wine rack for 10 bottles of wine.

People who have started a wine collection usually purchase one of the smaller wine shelves or racks designed to hold about six to 12 bottles.

But more experienced collectors usually advise buying an item just a bit larger, because nearly every beginning wine collection grows over time.

Tip: Be sure to anchor your wall mounted wine rack carefully, using the proper hardware and finding the wall studs!

In addition, some thought should be given to the type of material the wall hanging wine racks will be made of. There are units made from select hardwood, as well as wine racks that are carefully crafted from wrought iron and other metals.

Some of the more popular wood types are mahogany, oak and redwood. Wine lovers who decorate the home in an ultra-modern or futuristic style might even choose something made of stainless steel or acrylic.

Wall mounted wine racks:
variety of designs and prices

Wine racks for wall mount come in a wide variety of designs and in a range of prices!

For example, if you want a smaller wood rack that is simple in design you can find one in the $50 to $100 price range. Some of these are designed to be mounted either on the wall or on the ceiling, which provides a nice alternative if you want to change your décor.

  • A maple wall rack for five bottles is available from several suppliers for about $60 to $80.

  • The Milano company offers a slightly larger unit for about $90 to $110.

  • Intricate wrought iron or stainless wall racks are available at prices ranging from $65 to $110.

Here are a few examples, showing the variety of design and materials associated with wall hanging wine racks. We offer these as examples only and do not intend to endorse or recommend particular products.

  • The Dante set of two pieces for $65 is made of curved wrought iron with bottle shapes built into the rack itself. This set is designed for displaying a few bottles and may be as much a presentation piece as it is wine storage. But users have given it high ratings for functionality.

  • The Estate wall mounted rack for 21 bottles also serves as a wine-glass holder (with glasses stored in hanging position). This unit sells for a bit more than $100 and employs sturdy yet appealing black/hammered steel.

  • The barrel-head design that holds four bottles can be a beautiful addition to your wine room for about $140.
Whatever the style and size of your wall hanging wine racks, be sure they provide safe storage for your prized collection.

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