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Wine coolers and top-quality chillers have been available from Vinotemp for more than two decades. Attention to detail and knowledge about the special needs of wine storage make this company the first choice of thousands of wine lovers around the world. Sales have rocketed to nearly 300,000 units since 1985.

In addition to providing frontline technology in wine coolers and wine chillers, Vinotemp manufactures custom wood cabinets for wine storage, wood wine racks and also distributes metal wine “cellars” to customers around the globe. The company’s business has grown from the time Francis Ravel started it, with a core business of cooling units in a “sealed wine cabinet.”

Vinotemp wine cooler in kitchen Known as the Wine-Mate cooling system, this system is one of the most reliable and efficient available to aficionados!

With custom-built products made in Southern California, Vinotemp provides quality to rival any competitor without asking an exorbitant price.

The business prides itself on flexibility with custom orders and also offers several quality imported units and smaller products that expand customer choice.

Vinotemp staff members consider their wine cabinets and coolers to be important investments for customers. For this reason, the company offers oak as the standard for wine cabinet exteriors.

There are several other woods available in ready-made units. Vinotemp Economy units come with Luan mahogany veneer.

Versatility is a key factor with this company’s products, as many units include:

  • security locks,

  • thermoelectric cooling,

  • LED displays,

  • and independent control for some wine compartments.

Wine cabinets have 1.5 inches of insulation and an R-factor of nearly 12. The company presents its cabinets in three series:

  • Economy
  • Reserve
  • and Sonoma.

Customers are encouraged to ask about the two types of door hinges used – piano and continuous.

Wine-Mate cooling systems used by Vinotemp feature electronic temperature control and digital display. One of the key features of this company’s wine cooling systems is forced-air (rather than “cold wall”). According to the company’s literature, temperature fluctuates less with forced air and humidity levels can be maintained more easily. Vinotemp provides a strong warranty on its cabinets and coolers. Coolers and cabinets are shipped in assembled form.

Vinotemp might be one of the more heavily reviewed wine cooler products on the market. Hundreds of customers have provided comments after several months or a year of use. The vast majority of these reviews were positive, with many users commenting on reliability as a key benefit.

A handful of reviews were quite negative, with some complaining about the unit as generally inefficient and others stating that the warranty procedure was not satisfactory.

How much do you have to pay?

Prices on Vinotemp products vary widely of course, depending on size and materials used in construction.

  • A chiller/cooler that accommodates approximately 50 bottles has a price in the range of $1,000 to $1,400.

  • A 32-bottle cooler costs, on average, about half that amount ($500 to $700).

  • Coolers that hold about 24 bottles are in the $400 price range.

Some customers advise taking a little extra time to talk with a Vinotemp representative to make sure that you get the size and features desired. Several customers strongly recommend buying a Vinotemp wine cooler slightly larger than you originally plan to!

My point of view: if you are truly enthusiastic about wine and have the money and room - buy a Vinotemp wine cooler. This is an excellent product with a great cooling technology, very reliable and you can also customize it!

Hope that helps!

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