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When the words “wine” and “glass” are mentioned together most people think of the stemmed, rounded version that appears on most bars, in most tasting rooms and in advertisements around the globe.

Of course, this shape is traditional and classic, varying only slightly in size (too small and it’s a sample - too large and it’s not really a single glass of wine).

These standard wine glasses can be made truly unique in a number of ways. With custom etching and hand-painted names and scenes, the classic wine glass can become one of a kind!

But there is another way to approach the idea of unique wine glasses. How? By changing the shape, that’s how.

Traditional Glass: Make it Different

According to the Riedel company, a maker of quality glassware, there is “no proper way to serve wine. There are no official sizes, capacities, shapes or colors of unique wine glasses. Common sense and individual taste should be your guide.

The Riedel Web site notes that the California Wine Institute has developed an “all-purpose” glass that holds eight ounces of wine. This glass is 5½ tall and has a stem of a particular height. The site also notes that there is a wine glass that is recognized as a standard by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Going beyond this excellent advice, many people want to take their favorite size and shape of wine glass to another level. After getting a glass that is just the right weight, it’s important to have a glass that is made of clear, unflawed glass so that you can enjoy the color of the wine along with its taste and aroma.

Hand painted sharks on a wine glass.

Hand painted sharks on a wine glas.

Time to make your glas unique...

Then it’s time to make this “standard” glass into something unique.

Tip:Etching a particular name or initials on the glass creates a wonderful gift for personal use! This is also a great way for a winery or retail site to advertise while offering the wine lover a usable item.

Another way to turn the common wine glass into a one-of-a-kind item is to have a talented individual paint the glass with a custom scene or other decoration. A number of wineries have chosen to use this method to create items for sale in their gift shops and tasting rooms. With the correct processing, these hand-painted glasses will be treasured for years.

Unique Material, Unique Shape

Several companies make high-quality crystal stemware that is ideal for more formal occasions. Many people select such glassware so that their friends and associates may enjoy fine wines in glasses of suitable quality.

Other wine glasses of mid-range value are enhanced by the efforts of remarkable artists. With the right color and touch you can serve world-class wine in glasses that are also the “canvas” for world-class artists.

For example, one creative person from North Carolina (Nancy Murray) actually embeds a beautiful marble in each wine glass. As advertised, these are true colored glass (made with a technique called lampwork. Glasses from this supplier are slightly larger than the standard 8-ounce glass mentioned earlier. A set of four costs $92.

Beautiful wine glasses with  marbles.

Unique wine glasses with beautiful embedded marbles.

A number of suppliers and retail shops also offer wine glasses in unique shapes. There is a “wine stein” with an outside shape that gives the appearance of a beer stein. But inside this is a wine glass that actually holds just the right amount of liquid.

These may be purchased for about $15 to $20. Check your favorite online suppliers for port sippers that have nicely curved handles to add to the enjoyment of this special beverage. They sell for about $25 per set.

Modern designed wine glasses.

Modern designed wine glasses.

Glassware creators in Europe have followed the exploding popularity of wine by offering one-of-a-kind, hand-made wine glasses. Look for the name “Silhouette” for one of the suppliers of these interesting glasses. They aren’t perfectly round at the top, but don’t worry, they are supposed to be that way.

These unique wine glasses are made from 24 percent lead crystal and cost about $50+ each, at a minimum. What makes them so different from other wine glasses is that one side of the top edge is smoothly cut lower than the rest of the rim. This allows the wine lover to enjoy the aroma of the wine while tasting and seeing it. (Your nose actually fits inside the glass!)

Whether you decide to enhance a standard wine glass with etching or painting, or choose a unique shape and size, there are many ways to enjoy the wine experience.

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