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For centuries, wine, both red and white, has been a vital part of culture and life in the West, and the Sunset Wine Club is well aware of this fact. Although wine has been such a big part of people’s lives for so long, it has only in recent years become such a wide part of the culture throughout the Americans. Wine of the western regions of the United States is a large part of the booming wine industry today, which is what the Sunset Magazine Wine Club focuses on.

The folks at this Wine Club hope to share the best wines of the West with its members. The wines may hail from Washington State, New Mexico, or California, but they all have something in common – they are from the west and are great bottles of wine. The club doesn’t focus on a particular wine maker, label, or state, but quite aptly explores the entire western wine region.

Part of what sets the Sunset Wine Club apart from other clubs is that it offers a wide selection of western wines, chosen not only for their excellent quality and value but also on their compatibility with food and drinkability! The panel in charge of selecting wines for the club includes both food and wine experts. From time to time, regional chefs also participate in the wine selection process.

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Sunset's Wine Club website

Newsletter with tips around wine

The quarterly newsletter that comes with each membership of the Sunset Wine Club offers all sorts of wine tips and trick for members. It is written by contributing members of the Sunset magazine, which makes it a joy to read. Within each newsletter, members will learn about

  • proper wine storage

  • finding bargains on wine

  • entertaining with wine and food

  • and also insider tips on traveling in and around wine country

Joining the Sunset Club will allow members the opportunity to learn about and celebrate western wine. Each monthly selection will include delicious, high quality, and good value wines that are ideal for intimate dinner parties or casual meals.

Two main types of membership to this wine club

The Sunset Wine Club allows two main types of membership; the Sunset Select Wine Club and the Sunset Special Reserve Wine Club. Either one is a great way to learn about and enjoy western wines.

The Sunset Select Wine Club is in my opinion aimed more for new members.

For the monthly price of $34.95 plus shipping, handling, and taxes, members will receive two bottles of wine. The option to cancel at anytime is open. With each monthly shipment, members will not only receive their two bottles of wine, but also recipes specifically written to pair excellently with each wine.

Additionally, a complete menu is offered with each recipe to help members entertain more easily. The Sunset Special Reserve Wine Club is a great way for current members to upgrade and learn even more about western wines.

For $129 plus shipping, handling, and taxes each quarter, members will receive three bottles of wine on a quarterly basis. This is a great add-on to the regular membership and comes with reserve-level wines, hand-picked by the Sunset panel. Recipes and menus also come with each shipment.

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