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For the past 35 years, the Sunday Times Wine Club has been bringing exceptional wines from the highest quality winemakers from all over the world to wine enthusiasts. This particular wine club prides itself on sharing the thrill and excitement of wine discovery with wine experts and novices alike. Although many of the featured wines are United Kingdom exclusives, the club does showcase wines from all of the major wine regions known.

Joining the Times Wine Club is pretty simple – usually, a year long membership comes with a single purchase, at no extra charge. However, members can also join by signing up without an accompanying purchase. The wine club is meant for anyone that has a passion for good wine, good quality, and adventure. Those who join will soon find out that the wine club’s panel of experts has a very good relationship with some of the best winemakers worldwide.

Screenshot of Sunday times website.

Screenshot of Sunday Times' website

The tailor-made wine advice offered by the Times Wine Club each month is devised by a panel of true wine experts and advisors. Members will receive regular wine lists and brochures to keep them as in touch with the wine industry as possible. These monthly mailings also include the best wine values available at the moment. Each wine case purchased through the wine club also comes with free tasting notes, which will help anyone get the most out of each sip!

One of the best benefits, and values, of being a member of the Sunday Times Wine Club is that with each order of twelve bottles or more that you place, you get to enjoy two free wines! This is the club’s charter plus feature, which helps members experience a unique wine discovery each time they receive a shipment. This allows members to try delicious wines that they may never have otherwise had the chance or inclination to try!

Four seasons...You'll love it!

Another great feature of the Sunday Times Wine Club is their 4 Seasons feature. This allows members to experience the world of wines on a seasonal basis. Every three months, members will receive a case of wine that contains a variety of options from all the best winemakers available. Members may specify their preference for red wines only, white wines only, or a combination of both. Horizons are even wider when members choose the mixed cases.

Members of the Times Wine Club also get all the benefits of having a local wine specialty shop in the comfort of their own home. The club offers an extensive selection of bottles and cases online, each with tantalizing descriptions and information allowing members to make an informed choice. Furthermore, there is a plethora of wine accessories and accouterments that members may choose from to help make their wine tasting and drinking experiences even more rewarding.

If you know a wine enthusiast who would enjoy the benefits of a wine club membership, the Sunday Times Wine Club is a great solution. This particular wine club prides itself on discovery and wine exploration, so it is also the perfect choice for a true wine novice. With a wide selection chosen by true wine experts, you simply cannot go wrong.

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