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While several areas in the United States have recently become active participants in the wine industry, there are locations around the globe that have long been known for great wines and great wine experiences. Of course, Germany, France and Italy are among the favorite places for wine lovers. Now Southern California also ranks high on many lists!

Not only do wine aficionados and occasional wine drinkers think of Southern California as one of the best places from which to purchase wine, they also consider a Southern California wine tour a “must” on the list of things to do.

It may have been a bit more difficult to find information on Southern California wines and tours a few decades ago but in the 21st century the subjects are well documented. Consider that a simple search on the World Wide Web or in a bookstore turns up hundreds of sources of information.

It might be wise to start with the company that has “the name.” California Wine Tours ( has been around since 1986 and can be a great place to begin an education about wine in the Golden State.

Napa valley in California.

The popular Napa Valley in California.

But don’t stop there.

  • Check out such quality opportunities as the Santa Barbara Wine Country Vacation offered by the Santa Ynez Inn

  • or the Southern California Wine Tasting event that features wineries and retailers in and around Orange County.

These are but a few examples from an extensive list.

What should a great Southern California wine tour include?

In addition to some of the best wines available, of course, a journey through this part of the United States will provide the wine lover with

  • remarkable scenery

  • quality accommodations

  • and some of the most enjoyable moments to be found anywhere on the planet.

Two white wine glasses with cheese - beautiful landscape of California in the background.

White wine tasting with delicious cheese - beautiful landscape of California in the background.

For example, the region around the community of Temecula has quickly become known as Temecula Wine Country. With a wonderful older town featuring wooden sidewalks and great antique shops as the hub, a tour of just this one region might be enough to satisfy a wine lovers needs.

There are now more than 20 wineries located in the region! It would be impossible to do justice to the many restaurants, stores and other businesses that add flavor to a Temecula Wine Country tour, but a stop at the aptly-named Café Champagne might be in order.

Nearly everyone who knows about wine and the great wine-producing areas of the world is familiar with the central part of California. In fact, the name “Napa” brings immediate images of grapes and wine. But few people know about a hidden treasure of wine in and around one of the largest cities in the world – Los Angeles.

Los Angeles According to the knowledgeable folks at, there are at least nine top-shelf wineries in the Los Angeles area!

These include a few recognizable names, such as Joseph Filippi Winery. San Antonio Winery is one of the oldest wineries in Southern California (established in 1917). Records show it is the only winery that lies within the Los Angeles city limits.

If your travels take you to the west coast of the United States and you love to try new and exciting wines, a Southern California Wine Tour may be in order.

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