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There are two routes to follow when searching for the small wine rack that will fit your collection and your home.

1) You can purchase a quality product made with metal, wood or acrylic

2) or you can build your own wine rack from one of several kits available.

(There is a third way to go – building a wine rack from scratch after buying materials from the local lumber and hardware stores.)

It really doesn’t matter which way you go because all of these methods can result in a beautiful addition to your home that will properly store your prized wine collection. Many folks have a larger storage room or wine cellar and use small wine racks to display certain bottles or put selected wines in a location where they are readily available for serving.

Metal wine racks

Among the various styles offered in retail stores and online are metal racks that hold half a dozen bottles. Some are simple square or rectangular frames designed to cradle the bottles while others, designed by sculptors, are a bit more elegant.

Of course this second type is a bit more expensive. However, the designer wine rack adds significantly to the atmosphere of your home.

When you are shopping for a small wine rack you may also want to consider some of the newer ideas.

Racks are now available for single bottles, even two or three bottles. Some of these are designed to serve as both book ends and wine-bottle holders, while others use a combination of metal and leather to hold your valued wines.

My 9 bottle wine rack in the kitchen.

This is one of my smaller wine racks with a capacity of 9 bottles.

Prices can vary from just a few dollars to several hundred, depending on size and complexity.

For example, a rack that holds 12 bottles, made from stainless steel, might cost from $50 to $100.

The simplest design in this price range holds bottles flat against the wall rather than with the cork end pointing out. The same company that manufactures these simple designs also offers wrought iron models that hold 50 to 100 bottles (prices range from $150 to $250).

Wood wine racks

Another online supplier features wood wine racks for the smaller collection. Designs vary, but the most popular seem to be the traditional cradle design and the diamond design.

The first type ranges in price from $50 to $100 depending on the number of bottles you need to present. These models store the bottles with the cork end pointing out and the bottle tilted slightly down, as required for preservation of your favorite vintages.

The more expensive model has diamond-shaped sections in which the bottles can be carefully stacked for a nice look. Sections are deep enough to safely hold multiple bottles. This design may cost $140 or a bit more.

Pre-cut wine rack kits

You may want to consider a pre-cut wine rack kit as well. Several manufacturers offer wood kits that range in price from $90 to $130.

These hold the bottles in the classic cradle style, with shelf width varying from three to six bottles. More complex designs include a kit with curved shelves, one with large diamond-shaped sections and yet another that holds both individual bottles in cradles as well as cases in the larger center sections. Prices range from $80 to $200.

Display a single bottle

If you are looking for something slightly different, such as a way to display a single bottle, you might want to consider the wrought iron bottle caddy that sits inside a wood frame.

Above this bottle holder are slots for holding wine glasses. The two pieces come at a combined price of $140, giving you an elegant bottle presentation and a way to keep glasses ready and safe.

9 bottles of red wine in one of my smaller wine racks.

Such a wooden wine kit is very cheap. The cost of this 9 bottles-wine-rack is something around $10 (bought it by IKEA).

A few companies specialize in wine-rack kits, with sizes varying from six bottles to several dozen. Some of these suppliers will work with you to design a custom wine rack for an additional fee. All kits come with free plans.

For example, a kit that uses quality wood and holds 30 to 60 bottles in diamond-shaped sections can be quite easy to assemble. However, the manufacturer urges “very accurate cutting’ of the panels to ensure that the structure holds the bottles securely.

Whether you choose oak, cherry or another fine hardwood, or decide that an intricately shaped wrought iron rack is more to your taste, small wine racks are the perfect way to store and present a valued collection.

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