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First question: Is there a Sideways Wine Club? Yes and no. If you type “sideways wine club” into your favorite search engine online you will be taken to

That’s not all bad, because this site is full of great information about the world of wine. There’s a link for “Wine Club” at the top of the page. When you use this link you find

  • Jack’s Crowd Pleasing Selections,
  • Maya’s Collectible Selections,
  • Miles’ Pinot Selections and
  • Grand Cru Selections.

But there is no obvious way to join the Sideways Wine Club.

What’s the story?

A quick look at “About Us” on Dave the Wine Merchant’s site provides this explanation:

Why base a wine club on the movie "Sideways"? Because we're a combination of the people in the movie - passionate about wine but think it should be fun first and foremost. The movie was made by avid wine lovers, and our sampling club extends the movie's love for wine into our member's reality!

We were selected by Fox Searchlight Pictures to become a licensee because of our wine knowledge and our interest in the boutique wines the movie popularized. Three of our wine clubs bear the names of characters from the movie, reflecting their personalities - Jack's Party Wines, Maya's Collectible Wines, and Miles' Premium Pinots.

Screenshot of Sideways wine club

This is a screenshot of Sideways wine club

Great Wine, Indirectly

What this all comes down to is that you can experience great wine and the “Sideways” wine lifestyle, just not directly. Dave the Wine Merchant and others who make reference to the movie title do so with the “blessing” of the motion-picture company.

We’ve already determined that Dave’s site offers at least four interesting wine club membership options. Jack’s Crowd Pleasers starts with a basic offering of two bottles: one red, one white.

There is no “joining” fee and the basic membership cost will not exceed $35 plus tax and shipping charges. Wine club membership includes tasting notes, comments and suggestions for pairing wines with food.

Maya’s Collectibles ($55) focuses on wines that are just that, collectible. These are often intended to be aged for a significant time before being opened. Yet they are also suitable for immediate enjoyment.

The Pinot Selections club ($75) obviously focuses on wines made from this magnificent grape.

The $150 Grand Cru club turns the spotlight on more expensive wines ($50 per bottle, for example). This is a quarterly club for “those who can afford it,” according to Dave the Wine Merchant.

More Wine, More Wine!

This site also offers some featured wines on a regular basis. Recently, Dave focused on Copain, 2007 Pinot Noir at $36 per bottle; and Four Graces, 2007 Pinot from Oregon at $31 per bottle.

Visitors and potential customers have the option of going to the “Gifts” page of the site, for an opportunity to buy such treasures as Kevin Zraly's 25th Anniversary Edition - Windows On The World Complete Wine Course. This item is currently in stock.

Here’s what the reviews say about this edition, “A new, landmark edition of this best-selling wine course (over 3 million in print!) If you buy just one wine book, buy this one.”

For those who want wine accessories gifts to complete their experience, the site also offers such items as De Long’s Grape Wine Varietal Table ($35), a map/guide to California wines ($29) and Forge de Laquiole corkscrews. You can also get the movie “Sideways” on DVD and/or the Sideways Guide to Wine and Life.

Something a Bit Different

At the Dave the Wine Merchant/Sideways Wine Club “store” you’ll find something a bit different, something not usually found at wine club Web sites. These folks provide a link to toasts for all occasions. Some of them have wine or drinking associations, others are just good quotes.

A particular favorite: "Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to survive on nothing but food and water." - W.C. Fields

When you make a stop at this site, leave some time for the recipes page. Some of these are posted by guests; others are placed on the site by management. But a quick look should convince anyone of the importance of pairing great food with great wine.

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