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At some point in their journey through the wonderful world of wine, aficionados will have to be concerned about removing red wine stains. It’s hard to find anything bad to say about great red wines. However, there is one negative item about red wine - stains that can be difficult or almost impossible to remove from carpets and clothing.

The best advice for getting those occasional dark stains out of fabric is: deal with the stain immediately!

While there are some minor differences in the methods used, most reliable advice begins with blotting the stain right away to get rid of the excess wine. Some people also recommend pouring some cold water on the stained area immediately, which will help lighten and break down the spot to some extent.

There are some commercially available stain removers that can be applied at this point.

  • "Wine Away" seems to have captured the attention of most consumers and industry experts for red wine stain removal.

Wine Away

  • Consumers have had good results with "OxiClean® in combination with hot water".


Simply follow the directions with these cleaners.

Red wine stains removal - home procedures

If a commercial cleaner is not available, or if you choose not to employ these retail products, there are a couple of home-remedy procedures that can help.

After the immediate treatment with water and blotting mentioned above, some homeowners have found that a combination of a medium-strength dish soap or laundry soap with hydrogen peroxide can be effective.

These users report that a teaspoon of soap product with a cup of hydrogen peroxide should be used with a small sponge or soft rag to blot the stain from carpet or some fabrics used in clothing. If stained clothing is the problem, you may be able to prevent the stain from affecting the other side of the clothing item by placing a washcloth or soft rag between the two sides immediately. In most cases, the clothing can be washed according to instructions at this point.

Removing red wine stains help.

Need help for removing red wine stains?

Another method for removing red wine stains that has worked with decent results is sprinkling salt on the stain after the initial dilution/blotting.

Wine stain removal with salt. This salt is to be left on the stain for a few minutes before it is rubbed out with the stain. The salting/rubbing step can be repeated a few times, but should not be so vigorous as to damage the fabric or carpet.

Remnants of the stain may be eliminated by directly applying liquid laundry soap to the spot. This can be rinsed with cold water after allowing the soap to stand on the stain for a few minutes. Stain removal products can be applied just prior to washing according to instructions.

Time is important. For removing red wine stains, time is definitely of the essence! The longer the stain remains untouched the more difficult it will be to remove. Red wine contains tannins, a natural compound generally found in plant items that are very colorful.

The nature of this substance is such that it binds tightly with the fabric it touches. It’s interesting to note that, according to Jewish folk history, Tannin was a name applied to a demon.

I hope you find these tips for wine stain romoval helpful!

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