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If you love red wine, you may want to join a red wine club. Despite the recent explosion of wine clubs in recent years, the the ones for red wine are actually one of the most popular types of wine clubs.

The popularity of wine clubs focusing only on red wines may be a result of recent news of the health benefits of red wine. Another reason that red-only wine clubs may be so popular is that red wine is considered to be the wine drinker’s wine.

Excellent bottle of red wine from Italy

Red wine is much more popular than white wine overall that many people choose to explore the possibilities with the reds than the whites. However, it is important to note that many wine novices may simply prefer the lighter, more refreshing white wines. If you are a white wine drinker hoping to broaden your horizons and learn a little more about red wine appreciation, a red wine club is definitely a step in the right direction.

If you are familiar with wine clubs in general, you know that they involve a membership and either monthly or quarterly shipments of wine. A red wine club works just like any other wine club, but it focuses just on the red wine varietals. This means that members will not receive any white or blush wines. A red wine club, depending on the club or the member’s preferences, may feature wines from a particular region or all over the world.

Selection of red wine bottles

When you join a red wine club, you are guaranteeing exclusive exposure to red wines. If you are new to red wines in general, you may want to join a red wine club that focuses on red wines of the world rather than just a single wine making region. This will allow you the opportunity to taste and experience wines from other parts of the world, perhaps some that you may not have previously had the chance to try. As a red wine novice, this also allows you the opportunity to truly figure out what you like. You may end up loving a Shiraz from Australia but despising red wines from the Burgundy region of France.

As with any wine club, a good red wine club will do all the research for you. Each shipment will include a bottle (or two, depending on your membership details) of the selection for the month, information about that particular wine, and additional supplemental materials. An ideal red wine club will offer selections chosen carefully by a panel of wine experts.

With monthly or quarterly exposure to red wines, a red wine club will allow you the discovery of an exciting new world of wines. If you have only had experience with white wines, joining a red wine club will let you experience a whole new way of tasting and experiencing wine. If you are already a red wine fan, you will have the chance to build your red wine collection or perhaps start a new cellar.

Either way, joining a red wine club will open the door of opportunity to education, experience, and fun!

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