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This wine club is named for the slang "Plongk" for inexpensive wine that originates from England and Australia. From the moment you browse the Plonk Wine Club, you see three clear wine club categories. Plonk has been featured in publications such as “Food and Wine” and “Wine and Spirits”.

You'll be greeted by a pretty face in an upbeat and informative presentation of the Plonk Wine Club. You can become a member yourself or you can give the gift of the grape to a friend or family. This is a gift that will be enjoyed all year long!

Home page of the Plonk Wine Club

The Club Details

You can choose two bottles or you can choose all four that are offered in each category.

  • Two bottles will cost $49.99 per month
  • Four bottles will cost $89.99 per month

This is a great way to sample what kinds of wines will become your favorite. This means that you or the person you gift will receive two or four bottles each month straight to their doorstep.

Length of Memberships

  • 3 month
  • 6 month
  • 12 month
  • Indefinite, until you cancel

The memberships are convenient and well thought out to suite anyone.

The Three Phases of Plonk Wine

We begin with what seems to be the best recommended Plonk Wine Club category for beginners. It is the “Mixed Club”. This category is the most diverse with 4 of their best bottles.

Mixed Club Category

  • Grapesmith & Crusher Cabernet 2010
  • Vino Rosso del Popolo 2012
  • Le Cellier du Palaise Apremont 2012
  • Blackwater Chenin Blanc

To find out more about the Mixed Wine Club please click here (direct link, will open in a new window).

The Red or White Wine Category

If you already have a taste for your favorite wine you can join the red or white wine category.

The Shipment for Red 2014 are as Follows

  • Grapesmith and Crusher Cabernet 2010
  • Vino Rosso del Popolo 2012
  • Vini la Favola Fravoloto 2010
  • The Pinot project 2012

The Shipment for White 2014 Is as Follows

  • Lestrille Entre Deux-Mers 2012
  • Chiroulet Terres Blances 2012
  • Le Cellier du Palaise Apremont 2012
  • Blackwater Chenin Blanc 2012

Other Features we Liked

We liked their introductory offer which includes a high-end cork screw with an easy to  press handle and its own box. If you are gifting someone they would receive a personalized note with their first shipment which offers a touch of class.

Bottom Line for Plonk Wine Club

We feel the club is reasonably priced for the vast selection of quality high end reds and boutique white collections. As well as an outstanding mixed collection!

In addition, the website and the newsletter you receive as a member, will give you wine tasting tips and the best pairings for each wine as well as a full history of the origin and cultivation of the wine. You will learn about the regions for each grape and the cultivation process as well as the regional culture. You will also enjoy recipes that pair with each wine.

You will be a full wine connoisseur by the time you renew your membership and we are convinced you will!

We like the fact that they cultivate the wine from local regional vineyards that are family owned and not corporate. This is the best value for money in a wine club.

Click here to visit the Plonk Wine Club website (direct link, will open in a new window).

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