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There are several opportunities to join a Pinot Noir wine club, enjoy this great wine and share the experience with other wine lovers. For the last 15 years or so this fantastic red wine has been the focus of deep-red wine fanatics the world over.

Generally considered one of the best wines available on the planet, Pinot Noir gets its name from the French language – pinot = pine, noir = black (referring to the color and shape of the grape bunches).

This grape seems to grow best in cooler climates and is usually associated with Burgundy in France, a classic wine area. As vintners have discovered through the years, Pinot Noir grapes require a bit of extra effort, but this often results in a true world-class wine.

Rarity and quality make Pinot Noir a favorite for experienced wine lovers and this popularity is at the heart of a Pinot Noir club. A few select areas of the United States have been able to produce good Pinot Noir selections because of the climate. Oregon and northern California seem to have taken the lead in this sector of the wine world. In fact, one or two Oregon producers are considered leading suppliers of both Oregon and imported Pinot Noir.

Beautiful grapes - future Pinot Noir.

Beautiful grapes - future Pinot Noir wine

California suppliers offer select domestic and imported Pinot Noir selections in their wine club – two bottles per month for the $70 to $90 bi-monthly membership fee. In keeping with the rarity and quality of this grape, the selections offered to members come from a limited stock.

As with most of the top-shelf wine clubs around the globe, wine club memberships include monthly newsletters and other publications. Members usually receive significant discounts on other wine choices.

Among the great wines a Pinot Noir wine of the month club member might have access to:

  • Dierberg Estate Vineyard from the Santa Maria Valley in California – considered one of the top 100 wines in 2008

  • Sojourn Cellars from Sonoma County, California – given 96 points in the Pinot Report

  • Weingut Losen-Bockstanz 2007 Pinot Noir Spätburgunder – from Germany.

Other opportunities available from those wine clubs include selections from two west coast states in the U.S., from France and Germany, and from the Martinborough and Otago areas of New Zealand.

One Pinot Noir club in the U.K. currently offers these top selections: Trapiche Broquel Pinot Noir 2007 from Argentina; Domaine Lamarche Vosne Suchots 2003 from France.

Pinot Noir sign in a vineyard

Grapes growing...and will become one of the most delicious wines on earth!

As mentioned earlier, Pinot Noir grapes are closely associated with the Burgundy region of France. Côte-d'Or is the source of some of the best wines in this category, so some of the Pinot Noir clubs occasionally offer this selection to their members.

Those who are seeking the perfect Pinot Noir wine club might want to look for wines from New Zealand, Austria, Argentina, Germany, South Africa and Bulgaria, among others.

Russian River Valley red wines from California are regulars on the “suggested” lists of Pinot Noir wine clubs.

Join a Pinot Noir wine club and enjoy one of the world’s great wines!!!

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