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Each wine club tries to establish its own niche in the world of wine, while providing the basic services that customers have come to expect. Paso Robles Wine Club presents its specialty as “high quality wine-tasting experiences.”

These wine adventures are a bit different from others in the industry since they “arrive three times a year” rather than monthly (which is much more common).

Of course, the main difference is that club memberships “feature Paso Robles wines exclusively.” But you shouldn’t avoid contacting these folks out of fear of being limited in your wine choices. There are more than 200 wineries in the region working with the club. Many of the varieties are highly prized by wine aficionados worldwide.

Paso Robles wine club - screenshot of their website

Webseite of Paso Roble's Club

Basically Speaking

Members may choose red, white or one of each, a common option with wine clubs around the globe.

Memberships are a bit more costly than the monthly clubs, with prices beginning at $100. But keep in mind that the shipments go out three times a year – at four bottles of premium wine each time.

Eight bottles x 3 per year = $200

12 bottles x 3 per year = $300.

These simple programs are given interesting names, however:

  • RUSTLER – four bottles three times per year

  • WRANGLER – eight bottles three times per year

  • HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER – twelve bottles three times per year

Membership benefits include:

  1. 20 percent discount on case re-order

  2. Special wine tours provided by The Wine Wrangler (10 percent discount)

  3. Discount on wine store merchandise

Some examples of wines available for order, apart from club selections:

  • Per Cazo, 2007 Epi Telos - $22 (club price $18.70)

  • Ranchero Cellars, 08 Chrome - $25 ($21.25)

  • Rendarrio Vineyards, Syrah 07 - $28 ($23.80)

  • Tobin James, Dream Weaver $14 ($11.90).

Paso Robles is located in the Central Coast region of California. Calling this area a “hotbed” of wine production would be an understatement (but we’ll do it anyway).

Of course, members can reorder selections of wine apart from the membership, at significant discounts. Members who are close to the Paso Robles area can also arrange “VIP transportation to your favorite Paso Robles wine events, including special events held at the wineries.” Members also enjoy discounts on wine club events and merchandise.

Paso Robles Wine Club has an extensive list of regional wineries, as mentioned earlier.

  • These include AJB Vineyards,
  • Chateau de Deighton,
  • Grey Wolf Cellars,
  • Norman Vineyards,
  • Victor Hugo Vineyards and Winery,
  • Caparone Winery,
  • Still Waters Vineyard and many, many more.

Where’s Paso Robles? Why Buy Wine From There?

Some first-time visitors to the Paso Robles Wine Club site may feel they have to ask: Where is Paso Robles and why are people saying so many good things about it?

The community and its surrounding wine region are midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, in the heart of Central California’s wine country. Climate and topography help vintners from this area produce some of the world’s most desirable wine.

As the community’s public relations information states, “A long growing season of warm days and cool evenings give rise to vibrantly ripened fruit with dynamic flavor profiles that translate beautifully in your glass of Paso Robles wine.”

More than 200 wineries contribute to Paso Robles Wine Club selections from time to time, with dozens of unique grape varieties available. Climate and the dedication of area vineyard staff allow the club to offer premium wines from Italian, French, German and Spanish grape varieties.

Business leaders and community leaders have joined forces to present the region’s excellent wine offerings. Programs are often spearheaded by the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance. Wine lovers who are not able to travel to the area and enjoy the wine and the ambience may find the alliance’s information – California Wine Facts – helpful.

It’s a great time to contact Paso Robles Wine Club because the next scheduled shipment for club members is April 2010. The year promises some great selections for club members and wine lovers around the world.

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