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Pacific Wine Club is based in Medford, Oregon and it’s a safe bet that those who live close to this community take the opportunity to taste wines in the public tasting room. The club does emphasize that out-of-state members can also taste wines without paying an additional fee, if they happen to visit the club’s home base.

Is Pacific Club different?

Its Web site certainly focuses on the idea, stating upfront that this is “the only club we know that has a tasting room open to the public.” That may well be the case. Then again, it may not be true. That isn’t really the issue, however. What is important to wine club members is quality of wine and fast, efficient service.

As with most clubs, wine selections for Pacific club members are chosen by a panel of tasters. In addition, this club professes to put emphasis on “hand-selected” wines that are never “close-out, blow-out, bargain basement wines.”

Members are treated to nice discounts on re-orders as well as on merchandise and special orders from the club.

Screenshot of the Pacific wine club website

Screenshot of the Pacific wine club website

We ask again, “Is Pacific Wine Club different?”

Three for Price of Two

One thing that separates this operation from others is the offer to send three bottles instead of the usual two on the first shipment. This may be enough incentive to attract a few more wine lovers, especially if the first selections are good to great. The club’s panel uses a few simple questions that get to the heart of the wine issue:

  • Is the wine well crafted?

  • Is the wine hard to find, not widely available?

  • Does the wine provide good value for the price?

  • Would we buy a case of the wine to share with our family and friends?

If the answer is yes to quality, value, hard-to find and serving to family and friends - the wine is sent to you!

Becoming a Member

Here are some specific club membership details:

World Wine Club – This is the choice for those interested in “international wines noted for distinctive quality and exceptional value.”

  • Membership includes two bottles of wine selected from around the world, with three bottles in the first month. $32.95 monthly fee.
  • Membership can save an additional 10 percent by prepaying for the first year.

Green Vine Club – This may be one of the details that separates Pacific Wine Club from others in the industry. Green Vine members receive “eco-friendly wine from the best organic, biodynamic and sustainable producers.”

  • Two bottles for $44.95 per month,
  • free shipping in continental United States,
  • three bottles in first shipment
  • and 10 percent discount for one-year prepaid subscription.

Vintage Select Club - Billed as a “great way for West Coasters to visit the top wineries in Oregon, Washington and California,” selections are from those states. Emphasis is on learning about the culture and character of the region.

  • Membership fee provides two bottles of wine,
  • newsletter, recipes and other information,
  • $49.95 per month.
  • Three bottles in the first month, shipped free in continental United States.

Vino Club – Emphasis in this club is on selections from Italy. Panel members search for and select wines with an eye (and palate) toward finding wines that are distinct by region.

  • $53.95 per month,
  • three bottles on first shipment
  • and 10 percent discount for prepaid one-year subscription.

Peerless Flight Club – Selections in this group are “premium” and “exclusive” from winemakers on the West Coast of the United States.

  • Members pay $79.95 and receive “highly acclaimed, cellar-worthy” wine.
  • Three bottles on first shipment and 10 percent, prepaid discount.

Members also receive 15 percent case discounts on other purchases. There is no initial fee for joining any of the clubs at Pacific Wine Club.

Pacific Wine Newsletter is included with all memberships, as are Tasting Notes for all the selections. If you join and later give a gift membership you will receive a wine club selection free of charge as a way for Pacific to say thank you.

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