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A monthly wine club may prove to be one of the best investments you can make - if you

  • aren’t sure just what wines to buy

  • or are curious about learning about all the different wine options out there!

A wine of the month club is great for someone who isn’t sure what wine to buy or is stuck in the pattern of always buying the same thing. Many people have found that by joining a wine club, they get the excitement of trying new and delicious wines without having to face the confusion of a largely stocked wine specialty shop.

In recent yeas, wine clubs have become increasingly popular, perhaps because of the booming wine industry or perhaps because of the ease of shopping online. Either way, thousands upon thousands of people have been able to learn about and experience new and different wines because of a monthly wine club.

The main advantage, however, of joining a wine club is

  • to receive a regular supply of high quality wine

  • for a reasonable price,

  • with ease and convenience!

Woman with a glass of red wine

Woman with a glass of red wine

With any good wine club, the panel of wine experts and wine professionals has done all the research for you.

This makes being a member very easy!

By becoming a member of such a wine club, you can say goodbye to the days of facing row upon row and aisle upon aisle of wines that you know nothing about. You can say hello to new and exciting wines each month, which can help you learn about your actual wine preferences. You will be able to visit a wine store or grocery and confidently head into the correct aisle and make an informed decision.

More benefits of a membership...

  • Most wine clubs offer selections that you may not normally have access to. Often, the wine club will include an award-winning or highly revered wine in its monthly shipment, along with literature and information about the wine, the winemaker, and the grapes used.

  • You will often get the chance to taste pre-releases, which means they have not been released to the public. This gives you the upper hand when serving wine to your friends and colleagues.

  • Not only will you have the chance to taste a wide variety of wines, but you will be able to build and add to your wine collection. As each monthly shipment arrives, you will be able to stock up on wines that you enjoy or know will be popular among dinner guests. You will have the perfect wine for almost any occasion by sticking with your wine of the month club membership.
A wine club is an excellent way to not only learn about wine and different wine regions across the globe, but to broaden your horizons.

Even if you fancy yourself a wine expert of sorts, there is always something new to learn. A monthly wine club makes this possible for you. You will become an expert within a few months’ time and will definitely learn more about what your own personal preferences are when it comes to wine!

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