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There are a few different routes to take when deciding to purchase and use modular wine racks. You will probably find dozens of suppliers for these useful items, either online or down the street. Reliable merchants will work with you to choose the size, material and style that will be just right for your wine room, den or other location.

For example, several suppliers offer wooden modular racks that hold the bottles safely in the required horizontal position. You can start with a base unit that holds two dozen or three dozen bottles and add storage space by stacking additional units above the original shelves.

Tip: Many wine aficionados insist on wood for their wine storage units because this material is less likely to contribute to temperature changes in bottled wine.

In the Wine Room

Suppose you have devoted an entire room to wine storage or a significant part of one of the rooms in your house. You could choose to build shelves and storage racks from scratch, employing a local carpenter and paying for his time and expertise. While this is a great option (if you can afford it) modular wine racks may give you similar storage capability and will usually provide the same appearance as custom installations.

Wine racks can be used as free-standing units, allowing you to change your room layout more easily. In addition, you can move your stackable wine racks when you build a wine room in the future.

100 Bottle Deluxe Cabinet Style Wine Rack (Ponderosa Pine)
Large wine collection?

Manufacturers have designed modular racks for wine collections of all sizes. If your collection is one of the largest among wine lovers you can start with quality stackable wine racks for 100+ bottles.

Because the cost will usually be less than the price of custom-made wine racks, you should be able to provide more storage space for less money.

How Much?

As the popularity of wine grew in the last couple of decades manufacturers have made an effort to come up with wine rack kits that are made of quality materials and are easy to assemble. In many situations you can estimate the number of bottles you will be storing on a regular basis and calculate the cost of your modular racks at the rate of about $3 per bottle.

MWR-40 Hardwood 40-Bottle Wine Rack, Natural
This takes a lot of the guessing out of your wine-rack shopping process. Many suppliers will offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount. For example, when you buy wine racks furniture for 100 bottles or more you get free shipping. Be sure to ask about this benefit when you talk with merchants.

Many of the wine rack storage kits you purchase from Internet companies require a few minor assembly steps once they arrive in your home. You may have to use quality glue for final assembly in some cases.

Styles, Designs

Modular wine racks are available in a variety of styles. You can get counter-top racks that have a horizontal appearance, corner racks (some with a rounded design), tower-style racks that are three bottles wide or six bottles wide and modular racks that start at two levels and expand to eight feet or more.

If the standard square or rectangle design isn’t quite to your liking you may even find a modular rack that has a decorative shape. You may opt for the “waterfall” design the holds one or two bottles at the top and “falls away” to a wide base of eight bottles or more.

18 Bottle Stackable Wine Rack Kit, Mahogany
Keep in mind that examples given here are not intended as recommendations. Modular wine rack systems that hold 18 bottles securely can be purchased from several suppliers for about $50.

If you need to move to the next level, you can put a 40-bottle modular rack together in a matter of minutes, after spending only $100. Many wood racks come in mahogany, natural or light wood finishes, but you can also get modular racks made from other materials.

Larger racks or storage units made for magnums usually carry a slightly higher price – generally $120 and up.

In summary, key elements of shopping for modular wine racks include:

  • type of material– wood, plastic, metal

  • design – tower, counter-top, horizontal; corner or curved

  • amount of assembly required

  • and price, of course

Take your time, shop around and enjoy your modular wine rack for years to come.

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