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Many wine clubs include Merlot in their membership offerings as they vary the types of wine members will experience. A few clubs have Merlot-only options for the wine lovers who are particularly fans of this great grape. But it seems that Coastal Vineyards has first claim to “Merlot Wine Club.”

Great Grape!

Before we get into the details of how wine aficionados can get a steady supply of excellent Merlot from Coastal Vineyards (and other clubs) let’s look a bit closer at the Merlot grape and the wines made from that grape.

Merlot is, as most wine fans know, a red-wine grape. The name probably comes from an old French word for young blackbird (merle). Wines made from this grape are medium to slightly on the aggressive side and offer strong berry and plum tastes.

Merlot grapes are sometimes blended with Cabernet Sauvignon. The grape is a prime wine grape from the Bordeaux region of France and in recent years has become one of the most popular wine varieties. The grapes generally grow in loose bunches. Individual grapes are on the larger side of average. The Merlot grape tends to become over-ripe quickly and is somewhat susceptible to frost. This fantastic wine grape is grown around the world, with the vast majority grown in France.

Just the Merlot Please

When wine lovers search for information about wine clubs featuring only Merlot wines, they will generally end their journey with Coastal Vineyards in California.

In fact, carries the Coastal Vineyards logo. Wines from this company are from the Paso Robles and Santa Barbara regions of the state. Panel members select wines that are difficult to find. Some have yet to be “discovered” outside the immediate area.

This method of careful and exclusive selection is applied to the Coastal Vineyards Merlot Wine Club, as it is to all their membership programs. The Web site states, “Only by tasting this wondrous wine oneself, can you truly ever begin to fully grasp precisely how and why Merlot has come to claim such a passionately revered position in the minds and over the taste-buds of wine drinkers around the world the past few years.”

Cabernet wines have long been a “standard” among wine lovers but in recent years Merlot has taken its place in the spotlight. Many who have experienced wines made from the Merlot grape have difficulty changing their loyalties back to their former favorites. Words such as “playful” and “mysterious” have been applied to Merlot wines with their characteristic deep red-to-purple color. When properly handled Merlot grapes produce wines that are relatively low in tannins.

Become a Merlot Wine Club Member

The Merlot experience at Coastal Vineyards has several levels, including the Merlot Experience Sampler at $49.95. Members can choose to have two bottles of great Merlot delivered for the base price and may choose more for an additional charge. The Merlot Experience Monthly Membership ($49.95) offers two bottles per month or less often if the member chooses.

The company also offers a pre-paid, three-month membership for $128.85 and a six-month membership for $256.85. A one-year membership is available at $499.95. These pre-paid options include two bottles of great Merlot each month for the entire period.

Featured Wines

Merlot wines offered to club members come from a long list of quality vineyards and wine producers. These include Aqua Pumkin from Ken Volk, Chumeia Vineyards, San Simeon, Santa Barbara, Tarrica Wine Cellars, Tobin James Cellars, Dark Star Cellars, Harmony Cellars Winery, Lyeth, Victor Hugo and many others. You may have the unique experience of enjoying a Merlot from Rotta Winery, the oldest winery in San Luis Obispo County.

Other clubs and online suppliers offer Merlot-exclusive clubs as well. Some of the selections are: Russian River Merlot 2005, Napa Valley Merlot 2005, Santa Ynez Valley Merlot 2006 and Columbia Valley Merlot 2005.

If the Merlot wine club choices are from one of the many expert panels now working in the industry, you will not be disappointed.

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