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Sometimes a few words, carefully chosen, can tell the story of a business. Marvel attempts to set the tone for its products, including the Marvel wine cooler, by using "Life. Luxury. Marvel."

The company seems to have succeeded in successfully helping customers enjoy life with some of the luxuries because it has been making refrigeration products for more than 70 years.

The company began in 1932 as a maker of "undercounter ice boxes." Marvel moved to a new sector of the industry soon after, when electricity changed the world of refrigeration. With attention to leading the lifestyle market, Marvel is now known as a manufacturer of an unparalleled line of luxury undercounter refrigeration products," many of which are targeted toward the wine lover who desires a reliable Marvel wine cooler.

First untercounter Marvel wine refrigerator!

Undercounter wine cooler from Marvel.

In fact, the company was the first to offer a "high-end" wine storage unit designed to fit under the counter.

Marvel also put a slight twist on the refrigeration idea with an "all-black interior" for some of its units. This detail was one factor in wine cooling units being placed in rooms other than the kitchen or wine cellar.

The company paid attention when customers began to move their kitchen and entertaining activities outside. Marvel added designs to suit this change, along with stainless steel cabinets and door designs that work with indoor and outdoor cabinets and other storage spaces. This corporation now offers products under both the Northland and Marvel names, with an international retail network in place to make products available.

In fact, less than one year ago, Northland Marvel announced from Greenville, Michigan that a "new state-of-the-art facility" was opened in this Michigan location, bringing together two U.S. plants.

Under the corporate banner, the company makes wine-storage units, "beverage and wine refrigerators, refrigerated drawers, outdoor refrigerators, ice machines and beverage dispensers."

Marvel wine refrigerator models

The Marvel wine cooler line includes a variety of models, with capacities ranging from 20 bottles to 32 bottles in the mid-size category.

Details on a representative unit from this category indicate a cooler "suited for small wine collections and occasional entertaining."

The Marvel 3BARM Two-Zone Beverage & Wine Refrigerator has MicroSentry technology. Offered in black, this model has a sale price of $1,376.55.

Another product in this category is the Marvel 30 WCM-BB-G 23 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler, also with MicroSentry technology. Available in black, this model sells for $1,329.05.

The mid-size category and the units that are slightly larger include:

  • Marvel 6BARM Two-Zone Beverage & Wine Refrigerator, black, $1,399.00

  • Marvel 61WCM 45 Bottle Built-in Wine Refrigerator, black, $1,329.05

  • Marvel 3SBARE-BB-G Sentry Digital Beverage & Wine Refrigerator in monochromatic black, $1,566.55.

  • Marvel 6SBARE-BB-G Sentry Digital Beverage & Wine Refrigerator, black, $1,567.50

Higher price range of Marvel

Marvel 8SBARE

In the slightly higher price range are the 8SBARE Beverage & Wine Refrigerator with Sentry Digital System - $1,804.05 and the 66SWCE 108 Bottle Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cellar, black, $4,274.05.

Other models holding 50+ bottles are available in the $1,600 to $2,000 price range.

Please note: All of the prices are a 5 percent discount from representative online suppliers. Prices at various retail stores and with other online merchants may vary.

A representative review of some of the best undercounter beverage and wine coolers puts the Marvel 6SWC in the same category as the GE Profile and the Sub-Zero models.

Marvel's product is in the middle of the pack when prices are compared. The GE model reviewed has a price tag of about $1,200 while the Sub-Zero model costs around $2,000.

The Marvel 6SWC comes in at about $1,500. Reviews on Marvel units generally give the company good marks for keeping a constant temperature in a single zone. Others are reported to run a bit quieter but the Marvel models seem to be at the top of the list for energy efficiency. This particular unit is designed to hold 54 bottles of your favorite wine.

Another review, this one of the Marvel Chateau Collection 6SDZE, gives the unit a five-star rating on a five-star scale. This model is a bit more expensive than some comparable units but the reviewer states that the customer gets what he pays for.

A Marvel wine cooler should be rather easy to find online. The company also has an extensive network of suppliers.

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