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Say the words “Italian Wine Club” in a group of serious wine aficionados and you’ll likely get some enthusiastic responses about Italian wines. You will certainly spark interest and start some fascinating conversation.

Type those same words into an Internet search engine and you will uncover thousands of sources of information about one of the premier wine-producing countries of the world.

Why is this true?

A few words might serve as good answers to this question:

  • quality
  • variety
  • tradition etc.

One of the best opportunities to enjoy Italian wines in a club setting comes from Celebrations Wine Clubs, a veteran of 20 years in the field. One key to the success of several clubs under this banner is personal experience.

At the helm is an individual who loves wine and is a fanatic about finding the best wines in the world.

Website of the Celebration Wine Club.

The Celebration Wine Club website

When a website visitor chooses the “About Us” page on the Celebrations home page, they will be introduced to Anna Maria Knapp. She explains how she chooses wines to send to members. “I taste, taste, taste and then select those wines I consider the most outstanding.”

Knapp focuses on California and Italy, which should please those interested in an Italian Wine Club. Knapp has made contact with dozens upon dozens of winemakers over the last couple of decades. She is adamant about getting the word out on the leaders in the business. The success of the Celebrations clubs is a testament to the system she has developed.

This Italian Wine Club depends on “small family-owned wineries” that handcraft wines in small quantities but are consistently “world class.” Members will soon be able to determine if the wine selections “express the place where the fruit grows” and express the “winemaker’s passion.”

Wines offered through this club will, of course, include the Tuscany and Piedmont regions of Italy. But members will also have rare access to imported wines from the south of the country, “which is producing spectacular wines from the ancient grapes that the Romans prized.”

Celebrations Wine offers several levels in the Italian Wine Club. These include:

  • The Italian Artisan Series offers one red and one white for $34 per month.

  • The Italian Winemaker Series offers two Reserve Reds for $62.

  • Italian Collector Series – Two Super Premium Reds - $112.

  • Italian Winemaker – Reserve Red and Collector Super-Premium Red - $87.

  • Italian Winemaker – Reserve Red and Artisan Red - $48.

Each level is available by paying monthly, or paying 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 months (prepaid). Each membership comes with the club’s quality newsletter – “winemakers, the wines, the regions where the grapes are grown, and the foods that the wines complement.”

Another Italian wine club provider...

Another great source for the Italian Wine Club experience is This club offers “wines from a broad and comprehensive set of Italian wine.”

Among the choices are Pinot Grigio for the northeastern portion of the country, Barbera and Dolcetto from the Piedmont, and several others.

The club provides reds and whites in two-bottle or three-bottle monthly offerings.

Members receive two bottles per month for $39.95. Shipping charges are extra - $12+ for each shipment.

The creativity applied to various wine clubs under the banner should give potential customers added incentive.

Clubs include the National Wildlife Federation and Personal Wine joint effort: National Wildlife Federation Organic Wine Club. “Organic farms emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance the environmental quality for future generations.” is a subsidiary of Pervino, founded in 1994. In the first years of operation, conducted a popular wine forum and contributed to numerous publications and wine columns, including Wine Trader, Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine, Wine Words and Wine Tributaries. A key individual in is Dr. Jacklyn Wilferd.

Italian Made

According to, Italy “produces and exports more than any other country” and also offers the greatest variety of types, ranging through nearly every color, flavor and style imaginable.”

The website says it best:

Cite of italian made...

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