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Fifteen years as a leader among modern wine clubs has given International Wine Club the experience needed to provide top-shelf service. But there is another benefit for those seeking reliable guidance in the world of wine. The focus on quality gives this club the “clout” it needs in the wine industry to gain access to the rare combination of variety and value.

Of course, quality is not an issue with this club, which can boast the services of a 30-year veteran as leader of the club’s wine panels.

Connections within the wine industry put dozens of wines in the club’s catalog that might not appear elsewhere. These “limited-production” wines helped establish a massive catalog that is matched by few groups around the globe.

Features and Benefits

Among the first rank of wine clubs, it’s common to find several membership levels, one of which should fit the budget and tastes of any wine enthusiast. The club also highlights its flexible ordering system that offers memberships ranging from two months to 12 months or “on an ongoing, open-ended basis.” Re-orders often come with attractive discounts.

Wine clubs have found great success by focusing on varieties from specific areas of the globe or even from one region within a particular country. International Wine of the Month Club broadens the scope, as the name suggests.

Membership choices include:

Premier Series

This is the original club, formed in 1994, and continues to be the most popular. With emphasis on “exceptional selections at outstanding values” this club provides members with limited-production “boutique” wines at affordable prices.

For the $29.95 fee, members may choose two reds, two whites or one of each.

Masters Series

A membership in the Masters Series offers “developing your palate further” by tasting and comparing wines in “two distinct price ranges.”

One wine is offered from the Premier Series and one is offered from the Collector’s Series. The $45.95 monthly membership fee will provide one red/one white or two reds.

Collector’s Series

While many members who choose this series are actually serious wine collectors, it’s also a great choice for trying new wines from among the world’s best. With a $65.95 monthly membership, you have access to wines that carry a $30 to $60 retail price.

Membership numbers are limited and the wines come from “limited production vintages,” many of which are not generally available outside the country of origin.

With each shipment, customers receive a high-quality newsletter that offers


  • each winery’s history

  • tasting notes

  • recommended food accompaniments

  • complimentary recipes

  • and industry articles.

Members and other customers find the newsletter to be among the best in the industry, according to reviews and testimonials.

Professional Tasting Panel

Here’s what the International Wine of the Month Club site has to say about its panels and their experienced leader:

Quotation of the Internation Wine Club leader

One of the more interesting items offered by this club is the Whatever Whenever Program. The group that offers world-renowned wines also offers a number of other clubs.

With this program members can combine “wine with any of our other gourmet clubs.” These include:

  • microbrew beer

  • gourmet chocolate

  • farmhouse cheeses

  • premium cigars and

  • freshly cut flower arrangements!

On The Web Site

International Wine of the Month Club’s Web site maintains an understated feel with carefully selected graphics and subdued colors. Menu selections are easy to find in the right-hand column.

International wine club website

Very simple but straightforward website of the International wine club of the month

New visitors may want to look into “More Information” page under “Our Products,” if only to find out why this club feels it stands out from others. This page also provides a summary of the club’s benefits and features.

As with many of the top-shelf clubs, International Wine Club is not all about exclusivity or limited member lists. Those who work with one of the three series mentioned can re-order at significant discounts!

The “Re-order” page is simple and straightforward. Choosing the “Select” button brings up a long list of wines to choose from.

If you choose either “Current Selections” or “Past Selections” be prepared for a detailed education on the wine, its region and country of origin and suggestions of how to serve and what foods to serve with.

For example, the notes for a Collector’s Series selection, Guigal Gigondas 2005 – France, runs to hundreds of words in three paragraphs, including detailed information on the country and region from which the wine comes, tasting notes that leave little to chance, and suggestions for dining choices that fit this wine.

This detail is common for all selections.

The International Wine Club also offers several associated shopping ideas that may appeal to wine buyers and collectors. The home-page menu includes choices for:

  • Other Gourmet Gifts

  • Corporate Gifts

  • and Wedding Gift Ideas.

For example, wedding-gift ideas include not only the great wine selections from the club but also some of the other clubs – chocolates, floral arrangements, hand-rolled cigars etc.

It's very easy to order

Getting started with International Wine Club is efficient, as is the membership-renewal process. An 800 number is clearly displayed on the “Contact Us” page as well as on the renewal page.

Renewing online is similarly smooth. Those who received the membership as a gift may wish to move from one series to another. It’s simple:

Easily change your membership

Member testimonials show that this club may well be worth a try.

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