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Instructions on how to sew a wine bottle bag generally indicate that the task can be completed in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes, even by a beginner – without a pattern!

Basic tools needed include:

  • a good pair of scissors,

  • a small measuring tape and,

  • for the perfect finish, a serger.

Most of the patterns and instructions for a project of this type urge the craftsperson to use this small, quick sewing device for a wine bottle bag. The last item needed is an iron, especially when you fold down a top seam and use a sewing machine to “seal” the top to keep if from fraying. The pressing is crucial with the bottom/inside seam as well.

Wine bottle bag

-- How to sew a wine bottle bag --

What materials to use?

Materials for this simple but delightful gift item shouldn’t be a problem – just a light but strong piece of material longer than a 12-inch, 750ml bottle, for example. To reach around the bottle, up to 11 inches should do the trick (for a bag with a finished width of five inches.)

Tip: Designs vary and some patterns suggest using as much as two times the length and width of the bottle. The larger piece of material works well when you incorporate the drawstring into the bag.

The first step

The early steps include securing the top of the bag by folding down about half an inch of material then sewing a seam of about one-quarter of an inch. You should take care when creating a sewn pocket around the top for the drawstring.

The main step in transforming the material into a bag shape involves folding the material in half. Make sure to do this inside-out, so the sewing is on the inside of the bag when completed. Tip: Before taking this step, use a minute or two to look at the material available, especially if it is intricately patterned. Incorporate this pattern into the shape of the bag.

Closing the bottom

The next step is closing the bottom of the bag with a strong seam, so that the bottle will be secure. Again, this involves folding the material together, still working with the inside out.

A half inch of material usually works well, with a one-quarter inch seam being the finished product. When working with the bottom seam, be sure to get this area as flat and smooth as possible so the bottle and bag will stand on a flat surface. Carefully iron the material to get it as flat as possible.

Incorporate some ribbon of a color

Be sure to incorporate some ribbon of a color that accents the pattern in your material. Small-diameter cord of gold, silver or an accent color makes a great drawstring, as does ribbon. Using a small piece of slightly flexible wire, a straightened paper clip or safety pin will help get the cord through the pocket.

Take care not to damage the material however! It’s not hard to learn how to sew a wine bottle bag. In fact, beginners have found this project so easy they have tried it with bags and gift items in other areas as well.

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