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If the love of good wine, properly displayed, is one of your desires, you can learn how to make wood wine racks, of course. This is one of a number of routes to take to see that your cherished collection is safely stored and still visible.

Purchasing a ready-made rack from one of the dozens of companies in the industry is an option, and there are several kits available as well. The kit option provides pre-cut pieces and necessary hardware, while allowing the wine love to contribute some of his or her handiwork.

For the individual who feels confident in woodworking, and certainly for the experience builder, making one-of-a-kind wood racks for those precious wine bottles is a great idea. A successful project such as this gives the homeowner a special combination of pride in the wood work and in the display of the bottles.

But the key to success will be in the design and in careful planning!

Wood wine rack in my kitchen

I have this wooden wine rack for 9 bottles in my kitchen.

It would be wise to discuss what kind of racks you want, perhaps sharing ideas with family and friends. Sketching out three or four different ideas on paper will also help focus the thoughts on just what the final result will be.

When considering how to make wood wine racks, it may also be a good idea to think about how the racks will fit into a particular room or in a wine cellar. A mental picture of the room or space may lead to an amazing wine-rack design.

Wood wine rack in form of a barrel

I discovered this nice wooden wine storage system in form of a barrel and took a quick picture with my cell phone. It costs around €200.

The first factor to consider is the size and type of bottle that will be place on the rack (consider the two main sizes – magnum and 750 ml). You should also consider where the wine racks will be placed in relation to foot traffic. Overall size and placement will be very important when the project is complete. Make sure you have a definite space picked out that will accommodate your wine racks.

A very nice wine rack built in a wooden closet.

I also found that this is a very nice idea for a wine rack which is built into a closet. Shot it whith the cell phone camera, therefore the quality is not the best. The price is around €700.

For a simple, 750ml rack, the basic materials and tools needed include a quality board or piece of lumber with a thickness of three-quarters of an inch. Width and length of lumber may vary but a four-layer rack, five bottles wide will probably require side pieces a minimum of 24 inches long and 16 inches deep. (Commercial 750ml bottles are 12 inches long and about 3 inches across. Choose the wood carefully. Pine is softer and may be a bit cheaper than some top-line hardwoods.

You will need wood screws of sufficient length, usually one inch to one and one-half inch. Tools to put in place before starting include a table saw, screwdriver, sandpaper and “C” clamp. At this point you may also want to consider how you are going to finish the wood – clear finish to highlight wood grain, stain, paint etc.

To cradle the bottles, you will need sturdy hardwood pieces a minimum of 20 inches in length and a minimum of 10 inches wide. Careful measurement is necessary to cut the arched pieces that will hold the wine bottle’s body. Most experienced wood craftsmen will employ a hole saw of the proper size for both the body arches and for the smaller cradle that will hold the neck of the wine bottle.

Cutting across this circular hole at the exact center should give you two perfect arches. Careful sanding is a must, so that the edges and the arch/cradles are completely smooth. This will make putting the bottles in and taking them out much easier. (Appearance is a key consideration, of course.)

Combined wine rack

25 bottles wine rack with two drawers.

These are only the basics, so it would be good to get the advice of an experienced craftsman at the beginning. But there is no reason you can’t learn how to make wood wine racks.

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