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No matter what your level of wine exierience is. From wine beginner to seasoned pro, you may come to a point were you want to store your wine bottles.

Of course, a great design and functionality is a must! One positive info right away: With so many wine rack choices nowadays you really won't have a problem to find your best wine rack.

Prices range from about $10 for a wooden wine rack which holds up to 9 bottles of wine from IKEA to several hundred Dollars (some in the thousands for custom wine racks for example) for luxury versions.

To make a long story short: there's a wine rack for every budget.

At first you should decide where you want to place your wine rack.

In the kitchen? Basement? Countertop or wall hanging? The place and your budget will give you some rough guidelines and should really shorten your choices.

Here's a list of wine racks


Build your wine rack

Building wine racks
You can build your own wine racks or you can buy a pre-made kit. Find out more about these two alternatives...

Countertop wine racks

Countertop wine racks
One of the most popular wine rack models and excellent if you want to have some bottles in the kitchen...

Decorative wine racks

Decorative wine racks
Choose from elaborate wood racks or wrought iron sculpture styles. You can even build your own decorative wine rack if you use quality hardwood.

Discount wine racks

Discount wine racks
If you are looking for cheaper wine racks you don't need to sacrify quality. You have plenty of options!

Wood wine racks

How to make wood wine racks
You basically have two options: purchase a kit or make your own wood wine rack. Here are some tips and suggestions for such a DIY wine storage...


Modular wine racks

Modular wine racks
Those stackable wine kits are an ideal choice if you have a place that is devoted to wine storage. Combine temperature control, room appearance and quality wine racks to create just the right setting.

Small wine racks
Small wine racks
A great starter for a couple of bottles. Please keep in mind that you should always plan to have a bit more capacyity for "future bottles"...

Wall mounted wine racks

Wall hanging wine racks
These wine rack types are excellent if you don't have the spice and don't have too many bottles...

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