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As wine and wine-related items have grown in popularity over the past 10 years or so, especially in the United States, more and more people have turned to holiday wine gift baskets as a perfect choice for family members, friends and colleagues. In response to the demand for these gifts, dozens of companies and online suppliers have created catalogs offering nearly everything imaginable in the “wine line.”

In addition to the exquisite gifts and wine baskets offered by wineries and boutiques, numerous merchants have added wine gift baskets to their catalogs. These selections quickly moved to the top of the most-popular list.

Selecting possible wine gifts

As we begin our shopping, looking for wine gift basket ideas, it is probably best to get an overall view of what is available first. After selecting several items as possible gifts, we can always narrow our choices based on:

  • types of wine,

  • wines from various producing regions around the globe

  • or wine accessories gifts included in a wine basket.
Gift baskets focusing exclusively on wine may include good selections from some of the varietals located in and around the region where the recipient lives. This has become a popular choice because it may introduce the family member or friend to wines they didn’t know about (even though they are close at hand). If the recipient of the gift basket is a “veteran” of wine enjoyment, they will certainly appreciate receiving additional bottles of the wines they are already experiencing.

Photo of a fantastic wine gift basket

A fantastic wine gift basket

Some wine lovers will rejoice at the arrival of a holiday wine gift basket that contains rare vintages from wine-producing regions halfway around the world. Several wine/gift merchants concentrate on just this area, putting most of their effort into finding great wines that may not be available on a regular basis.

Wine lovers always appreciate receiving gift baskets that contain not only good wine but also top-quality cheeses and other gourmet edibles!

Two bottles of quality wine in a nice display, accompanied by imported cheese and sweets make a great gift for the aficionado and the price is usually within the budget of most people looking for great gifts (have a look at my wine cheese baskets article). Several online merchants offer a basket that contains two bottles of wine, cheese, salami and breadsticks for around $50. In some cases that price includes shipping!

Photo of a two bottle wine gift basket (1 red and and one white).

A great designed 2 bottle wine gift basket

Of course, gift baskets with wine that are centered on some of the rare vintages come with a higher price tag. But several of these more exclusive wine gifts can be selected, ordered and delivered without leaving home! The savings in time and travel expense can make this a wise and wonderful choice.

The most reliable wine-and-gift suppliers provide information and assistance for those who place the order. This can be crucial when food items, fruit and wine are involved. Temperature changes and shipping times should be taken into consideration when ordering any holiday wine gift basket. If there are questions or concerns about this, be sure to contact a representative from the supplier.

Ask this representative about theme baskets to fit Christmas, birthday or any other holiday. In addition, many of the suppliers will create custom baskets to your specifications including personalized wine gift bottles, for an additional fee. Whatever the holiday or occasion, holiday wine gift baskets are a fascinating idea.

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