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Some people who search for information about this veteran of the wine club world might be a bit confused. Other clubs and wine suppliers have adopted versions of the name, such as “four seasons club” and so on. But if you are looking for and find it among many results on the Web, you will see that 4 Seasons Wine is Laithwaites Wine and Laithwaites Wine is 4 Seasons Wine.

That said, here are the key features of the four seasons wine club, as presented on the website:

  • Wines under $6 per bottle – for 12 premium wines

  • New members receive lever-action corkscrew and a binder that contains tasting notes for the wines in the shipment

  • Reserved wines if you choose to approve shipment

  • 20 percent or more savings on future case purchases
Independent review groups give Four Seasons Wine Club high ratings for quality, customer service and careful attention to packaging and shipping. One of the key benefits, according to these reviews, is the price – about $6 per bottle on case orders. Some of the wines have retail price tags of more than $15.

Join Laithwaites Wine Club and receive 12 Bottles of Premium Wine for Less Than $6/Bottle and a Free Gift

In addition, this club reportedly has provided reliable, detailed tasting notes, wine history and other educational materials for several years. This information usually includes details about when grapes were harvested and how they were handled during the wine-making process. Ratings for price are, of course, usually at the top of the list.

Screenshot of four Seasons wine club website.

Four Seasons wine club website

So what, or who, is 4 Seasons Wine?

Apparently the story begins about 40 years ago, when the founder was a student. He worked in the famous Bordeaux region and brought home wines to sample. (A nice beginning to a wine education!) He took wines back to his native England and eventually opened a small shop there, focusing on bringing Bordeaux wines directly to English wine lovers.

Click on the graphic below to see wine club offers from Laithwaiteswine:

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As the years past, he expanded his reach to other wine regions, with most of the wines coming from France. The number of countries grew to include Bulgaria and Chile, and eventually the United States. California wines were popular with this small supplier in Windsor, England. The company now has a warehouse and offices in the United States (Chicago area).

Even with a name change (since it offered wines from places other than Bordeaux, the company behind 4 Seasons Wine Club kept its focus on offering only wines that were actually produced and bottled by the growers. The reasons, according to the company, were: flavor, character, authenticity and “goodness.”

The company now called Laithwaites Wine has nearly 800,000 customers around the world, according to recent figures from the website. As founder Tony Laithwaite insists, the company has “no intention of slowing down.” He and his staff travel extensively to find the best wines to offer to members.

Cases are “put together by our senior buying team” that chooses from the best wines available in the Laithwaite cellar or from producers around the world. In fact, the team generally engages in lively debates about which wines to include in special offers and for regular member packages.

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Extras of 4 Seasons Wine Club

The shipments always come with food recommendations and charts that help customers store and enjoy particular wines. Much of the feedback the club receives from satisfied customers relates to the reliable, expert information provided with each shipment.

Customers learn a lot about geography, culture and history of the various wine-producing regions as well. Laithwaite and his staff also send reports to their wine producers, letting them know when their wines are chosen for club offers. Wines come from a wide variety of sources, including small, mountain-side vineyards as well as the largest, most well-known French and California estates.

First-time visitors to the club’s site may want to focus on the recommended search menu that includes:

  • Mixed Cases

  • Top Red Wines

  • Top White Wines

  • Fine & Rare Wines

  • Of course, potential customers may browse by wine type, country of origin, specific region within a country, type of grape or by price. These prices range from under $15 to more than $30.

One of the more fascinating sections of the club’s website is “About Wine.”

The visitor will find maps and details about numerous wine-producing regions of the world, including Australia, South Africa and of course, California and Europe. Another section of this educational area deals with “Varietals.”

The site provides details on Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Syrah/Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc.

The bottom line on Four Seasons Wine Club and Laithwaite Wines is the introductory offer that can lead to a regular membership. Twelve bottles of fine wine at about $6 per bottle (and a Free Gift), then a case reserved for you every three months (no obligation to buy each time and there are no regular fees). Future cases are $129.99 plus shipping and tax.

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One more thing about Four Seasons Wine Club

In addition to the excellent value of 4 Seasons Wine Club, members have found the staff and its founder have an interesting sense of humor. Taking a “Flying Winemaker” idea that started as a joke, the company turned the concept into a recognition/award program for winemakers.

The description of this unique program states that staff members “find those cellars with the greatest – but unrealized (and therefore inexpensive) potential, nice vineyards, good equipment and lend them a “star” winemaker from the southern hemisphere. Two vintages per year come from this fascinating program.

Laithwaites Wine is expanding his presence in the United States as part of his ever-growing operation. This growth includes a winemaking venture in Australia that will focus on “ultra-special wines.”

The company has a strong presence in Chile and has already been awarded a Chilean Wine of the Year award. Renovation of an unused riverside cellar in France is just one more indication of the creativity present in Laithwaite Wines.

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