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As most people know, wine is best stored at a relatively cool temperature to maintain quality and flavor over the long term. If you don’t have a wine cellar or a temperature-controlled room that maintain your collection at a perfect 55 degrees Fahrenheit an Ewave wine cooler may be the right choice (also "Magic Chef").

Ewave wine efrigerators come in a variety of sizes, making them a perfect choice for wine lovers who want to chill a small number of bottles or as many as 100 bottles or more.

Ewave chillers/coolers use thermoelectric cooling, which involves a solid-state heat pump. This takes heat from one area and transfers it to another area (also known as a Peltier device). Of course, there are several types of wine coolers/chillers designed to keep your wine collection at the ideal storage temperature of 55 degrees over longer periods of time.

Ewave equipment appears to do this well, according to reviews and informal reports from Ewave owners. According to encyclopedia and technical review information, “Due to the relatively low efficiency, thermoelectric cooling is generally only used in environments where the solid state nature (no moving parts, maintenance-free) outweighs pure efficiency.” Silent operation is one of the great benefits of this technology!

Wine coolers for 20 to 30 bottles

Two examples of this type of cooler/chiller are the model that has room for 20 to 30 bottles and the single-bottle version. The wine lover can control the temperature of smaller collections with the quality technology of both these Ewave wine coolers. For about $200, the 30-bottle cooler/chiller is a convenient size been recommended by numerous wine lovers and collectors.

30 bottles Magic Chef wine cooler.

As you can see on the image above, highest quality with a great apperance!

Magic Chef wine cooler with easy storage system.

This model has a couple of the necessities for safe, long-term wine storage – tinted glass front to reduce bright light and sunshine; an area specifically for larger bottles.

Magic Chef wine cooling temperature.

And here you can see the temperature control of this wine cooler.

For larger amounts of bottles

Magic Chef 50 bottles wine cooler

Some people, however, may want to keep dozens of bottles at a particular temperature to ensure that the wine is ready to drink at any time. For them, the 100-bottle capacity might be a good choice.

A good "mid-range" product is also the the 50 bottles wine cooler (Magic Chef) as you can see on the left image.

Some wine aficionados who have purchased wine coolers/chillers in the 30-bottle capacity find that this Ewave wine cooler is not large enough. They soon find themselves moving to 100-bottle or even 200-bottle capacity.

Don't have room or budget?

The company also offers single-bottle chillers in the $40 price range. This thermoelectric chiller offers space-saving quality for those who don’t have room or budget for larger chillers. As mentioned earlier, one of the great benefits of the Ewave thermoelectric technology is silent operation. Some of the early wine refrigerators had the same compressor noise as the traditional kitchen refrigerator.

According to technical reviews, “thermoelectric coolers can be used to cool computer components to keep temperatures within design limits without the noise of a fan.” If early reviews are any indication, Ewave wine refrigerators may be the correct choice for the home of most wine lovers.

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