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Shopping for any new addition to the home can be exciting and challenging, whether the new purchase will be for the kitchen, the living room or bedroom. Anyone planning to send their hard-earned money should take some time to learn as much as they can about the products available. This is certainly true for discount wine racks that will hold your collection of favorite wines.

A "discount" wine rack doesn't have to mean that you will settle for a lower quality item! What that term implies today is that numerous manufacturers and suppliers are offering quality wine racks at lower prices due to competition. You will find excellent wine-storage items in walk-in stores and on the Web pages of online sellers, all at very reasonable prices.

Let's look at some general types of wine racks, as a way to get started on the path to buying the storage system you want and need.

You can choose racks made from materials such as

  • natural hardwood

  • composite material with wood veneer

  • shaped wrought iron

  • and stainless steel

Wine racks are available to hold collections of a few bottles and collections that contain dozens of excellent wines.

Combined, wall mounted wine rack

The variety of designs is almost limitless. You will find attractive metal wine racks connected to a small serving table/shelf, wood racks that provide something of an outdoor atmosphere, wrought iron racks with sections you can stack and more expensive items that include artwork or a small waterfall (for a relaxing home atmosphere).

Some of the more expensive wine racks might seem to be out of the usual price range of discount wine racks, but the truth is much different. The competition for your business can bring some of the higher-end models to your budget level. You may even be able to choose from a wine rack made from select hardwoods!

8 bottle wine rack.

The search for a great wine rack will be more enjoyable when you see that even the least expensive models are suitable for wine presentation.

For example, you can spend less than $100 and get a fine storage rack that will hold eight bottles of your favorite wine. Some of these even come with a small serving area on top. A company by the name of Milano offers a wall rack for about $90.

Take a closer look at some examples of wine racks, with prices ranging from less than $100 to almost $1,000. Even the most expensive in these examples can be considered discount wine racks since the retail price is often much higher. In addition, you will pay two or three times this much for custom-made wine racks in your home.

Please note: Keep in mind that we mention specific companies only as examples. We are not recommending or reviewing these products.

Luxury version - affordable price

Bernards Diamond Tile

Bernards "Diamond Tile"

Near the lower end of the price scale a company named Bernards offers a "Diamond Tile" bakers rack style for about $150.

The Torino company offers an oak wine tower that is targeted to the "wine connoisseur" with a price of about $170. Padova makes a bakers rack item that also provides wine storage for about $297.

Carlow has two models in the $600 price range. One is an oak home bar and the other is designed to serve as an espresso bar and wine storage accessory. Others in this $600 category are made with cherry wood and bronze. At the higher end of our discount wine rack scale is the Cayden wine rack and server that holds 16 bottles. The attention to design detail can make this a great addition to your home.

Hanging wine rack

One of the great things about buying a discount wine racks is that the explosion in wine popularity has been accompanied by equal growth in the wine-accessory industry.

A quick search for retail and wholesale suppliers of wine racks will uncover hundreds of sources for suitable storage and presentation items. As we mentioned, prices generally range from just under $100 to about $800 for the least expensive models.

But if your budget is severely limited, a bit of searching will turn up starter wine racks for $40 to $50 (have a look at the small wine racks, too).

You will certainly have plenty of choices when you start shopping for discount wine racks.

All the best!

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