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Discount wine clubs are an ideal solution for people who enjoy wine from all over the world, and are interested in expanding their knowledge of wine. These wine clubs allow members to find out something new about wines and to share what they have learned with friends and family.

Joining a wine club is a great way to evoke conversation at dinner parties and is plenty of fun for members on their own. Wine clubs not only let members learn about different wines but to also sample them and get an idea of what people all over the world are drinking.

Evolution of Wine Clubs

Wine clubs have evolved over the last few decades. What started as simple clubs at local wineries and wine shops is now a worldwide phenomenon. Today, wine clubs are not just a way to get familiar with wines of the world, but a way to research wines, wineries, varietals, and even connect with other members of the club. Many wine clubs now have online communities where members can exchange email messages and even chat online. This is a great way to set up wine tasting parties and organize other club-related events.

Special Events

Many wine clubs often organize such events as special wine tours for their members. Specific wineries and vineyards, usually those of the wines featured in the club’s picks, will offer special tours exclusively to the wine club. This is a great way to get behind the scenes of many winemaking regions. For regular events and tours, including tastings and classes, wine club members also get discounts throughout the year.

The Community

The wine community is a seemingly close-knit one, though it covers the broad expanse of the world. Many times, people will make new friends through wine clubs, whether it is through an online connection or through a wine tasting at the local wine shop. Members of wine clubs have many common interests, aside from wine, that allow for such bonding. Making friends is a great bonus to joining a wine club.

Plenty of Perks

Wineries give so many perks to wine club members because they know that wine club members are often their best customers. Wine club members are true wine enthusiasts and will enjoy all of the perks, and more, offered by wineries and vineyards. In many cases, wineries offer wine clubs exclusive access to special reserve vintages before they release such wines to the public.

Another perk that wine club members enjoy is the ability to purchase wines online, through the wine club website. Many wine clubs, though an annual fee is required, do sell wines and wine accessories to their members at discounted rates. In most cases, the prices offered by wine clubs are significantly less expensive than local wine shops or even from the wineries themselves.

Discount Wine Clubs Offer Insider Information

Discount wine clubs let members in on plenty of insider industry information. Members are usually the first to know about new wine releases, which means they will be prepared for the best vintages as soon as they become available.

Other insider information that wine clubs share with their members are new techniques for sampling and tasting wines, which will make the wine experience that much more memorable.

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