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Dionysus God of Wine, was a great Olympian in ancient times. Born from the thigh of Zeus, Dionysus is the god of not only wine but also pleasure, festivity, and vegetation. He was depicted in two different ways. Sometimes, Dionysus is seen as an old, wise god with a thick white beard. Other times he is seen as an effeminate, youthful god with flowing long hair.

Regardless of his form, he is always surrounded by his pine-cone tipped staff, the thyrsus, a drinking cup, a fruiting vine, and a leopard. He is also usually seen with groups of Mainades, or female nymphs, and Satyrs.

Dionysus’ Influence

The god of wine, Dionysus, was a major figure in Greek mythology. He was one of the twelve Olympians, but the others treated him as a latecomer and he was not always included. Dionysus is the main inspiration for ecstasy and ritual madness. His ancient cult existed in historic times, but to the classical Greeks, the geographical origin of his cult was simply unknown. This is why Dionysus is deemed as the “god that comes” as he is seen as a foreigner.

Dionysus the god of wine.

Dionysus the god of wine


Bacchus is another name by which Dionysus is known. This name is likely stemmed from the frenzy that he causes wherever he goes, known as bakkheia. Known as The Liberator, Dionysus would inspire the freeing of one from oneself, madness, ecstasy, and yes, wine.

His main mission was to mix the music of the aulos and to end worry and concern. He was also able to preside over the communications between the living and the dead, thus his relationship to the cult of the souls.

His Origin

It is said that Dionysus was born through the thigh of Zeus. That we know. There is some discrepancy as to who his mother was. Some say it was Semele, while others argue that Persephone was his mother. Either way, Dionysus was known to be a man-woman.

The origin of his name is also somewhat of a mystery. While Dio- has a Greek origin, meaning genitive of Zeus, the origin of -nysos is just not as certain. Some say it refers to the nymph that nursed him (Nysa) or the mountain where he was attended, Nysiads. Others even argue that it is not even Greek in origin.

Interesting Points

There are many myths that involve the Greek Dionysus god of wine, but there are some rather significant stories that feature him. Some of the more widely known and studied instances of Dionysus include:

  • Dionysus’ birth from the thigh of Zeus

  • His fostering by Seilenos, Nysiades, and Ino

  • Dionysus dismembered Pentheus because he attempted to drive him from Thebes and denied the god’s divinity

  • Dionysus instructed Ikarios how to make wine

  • Dionysus transformed the Tyrrhenian pirates into dolphins

  • Dionysus loved and wed Ariadne, whom he found abandoned on the island of Naxos

  • Dionysus journeyed to the underworld to retrieve his wife and mother
If you are a true wine lover, there is one Greek god you should thank, Dionysus god of wine. Even if you do not know much about ancient Greek gods or mythology, chances are you have heard of Dionysus, or Bacchus the other name by which he is known. Many winemakers name wines and vintages with Dionysus in mind.

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