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There are many different types of wine to choose from, so if you haven’t already found one that you love most, keep trying and you are sure to find the one!

While it would be near impossible to list all the varieties of wine and each grape and fermentation process in one sitting, it is possible to provide an overview of the major types of wine.

Of course, as you read this, you might be thinking that you already know the major types of wine – red and white (types of red wine and white wine types ). Red and white wines are indeed the most well known within the wine world. These wines are great at enhancing the meals they accompany and are also just as great on their own.

However, do you know about the other wines of the world? Below you will find a short reference guide of different types of wine.


An aperitif is an appetizer wine. The most common types of aperitifs include Madeira and sherry. These are typically flavored wines that actually stimulate the appetite before a meal.

Barley Wine

Barley wine is not actually wine as it is made from grain instead of fruit. It also has a particularly high alcohol content; around 12% by volume. Basically barley wine is a very strong beer.

Cooking Wine

If you have a bottle of cooking wine, you have a bottle of very poor quality wine. Cooking wine is usually very high in salt and is not meant to be consumed directly. This type of wine is meant to draw out the elements of certain herbs and ingredients. For more information have a look at my article cooking with red wine.

Country Wine

Country wines are made from fruit, but not grapes. These wines are sweetened with sugar and honey, unlike wine made from grapes. Examples of country wines include apple wine and plum wine.

Dessert Wines

Ranging from medium to extremely sweet, dessert wines are exactly that. These wines are intended to be served as dessert or with dessert. Examples of dessert wines include Tokay, Sweet Sherry, and Port Wine. Dessert wines go particularly well with both confections and cheeses.

Rose Wine

Summer wines are usually known as rose wines. Often, these refreshing wines are also referred to as pink wines. These wines aren’t really red nor are they white. However, they possess the attributes of both red and white wines which make them perfectly paired with seafood, pork, salad, and deli meats.

Rice Wine

Again, like barley wine, rice wine really isn’t a wine at all. It is an ale that has some of the same properties as wine, but is made from rice, not grapes. It is fairly high in alcohol, ranging from 18 to 25%. Rice wine is more commonly referred to as Sake.

Sparkling Wines

If you know what Champagne is, you know what sparkling wines are. These bubbly beverages are often used for celebrations such as weddings and engagements. Sparkling wines don’t have to be Champagnes, as those are just sparkling wines from that particular region of France. Any wine, red or white, which is infused with carbon dioxide, is a sparkling wine.

Table Wines

A table wine is one that is not sparkling or fortified, therefore it is quite plain. However, table wines are quite popular among the public and are just as easy to drink. A table wine should have at least 7% alcohol by volume and no more than 14%. Unfortunately, many people perceive table wines as being of poor quality, but that is not the case. Many are quite pricey and are delicious.

In conclusion, regardless of what your favorite wine is, you now are aware of the many different types of wine that are out there. While you may love only a good, full-bodied red wine, you should give the other varieties a chance.

You may just find a new favorite (or at least a runner up!) :-)

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