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Beauty and Utility

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Two features should come to mind as you start looking for decorative wine racks – proper storage and the right appearance. Wine racks should not just be a functional tool for holding wine bottles. They should also enhance the appearance of your room and draw visitors attention to your collection.

We all know that wine bottles should be stored in a horizontal position or angled slightly downward to keep the cork moist. This provides a good seal that protects the wine from outside contamination. There are well-designed wine racks that provide this benefit and add to the décor in your wine room, den or kitchen.

Temperature Too!

With these ideas established you should also consider one other benefit of a well-made wine rack. Wine should be stored at the proper temperature and you should make every effort to maintain that temperature all year.

A good wine rack allows room on each side of a bottle, as well as above and below. Air circulation is an important part of maintaining proper temperature. Decorative wine racks can do this and look lovely at the same time.

MWR-B12-N Hardwood 12-Bottle Wine Rack, Natural
That’s enough about the utility of a good wine rack. How can we get these benefits in a wine rack that we would be proud to have in the home or business?

Fortunately, there are dozens of suppliers in this field who offer wine racks made from:

  • quality wood
  • wrought iron
  • stainless steel
  • and other fine materials

Depending on size and intricacy of design, the price for a good wine rack will vary from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

Key Features

If you start by viewing your decorative wine rack as an investment you will probably end up spending just a few dollars more than you originally planned. But this is a good thing!

A wine refrigerator/cooler purchased for the lowest price will eventually be too small for your growing collection. The same can be said of a wine rack. Make sure you allow enough space for the wine collection to grow. Give serious thought to the number of bottles you will be storing.

Next, consider the type of material you want in your wine rack.

  1. Does your décor require black, wrought iron or is your modern design more suitable for stainless steel?

  2. With this decision made, you can choose from a traditional or classic wood design that you find in quality serving cabinets.

Also a great choice: wrought iron wine racks
Oenophilia 7 bottle minuet wine rack

Perhaps you want a sculpted wrought iron sculpture that is also a very suitable wine rack.

In addition, you will need to know if the wine will be stored in a corner or will be kept in a combination wine rack and serving bar that will occupy a key place in your room.

Many Possibilities

Let’s look at a few great examples that offer the features and benefits we’ve already discussed. On the higher end of the scale, a few vendors offer the wine cage in antique cherry finish for just over $1,200. This is not only a quality wine-storage unit with room for about two dozen bottles but the intricate workmanship will add to the atmosphere of any room.

A natural, dark-wood serving bar and cabinet will cost about $600. This item provides storage for 8 to 10 bottles and drawers for wine accessories. One design resembles an antique writing desk. The top provides work space for serving your favorite varietal.

Wine Arbor 45 Bottle Wine Rack
If your décor and tastes run to metal sculpture and wrought iron, have no fear. Numerous vendors offer this type of decorative wine rack. The bakers-rack style is quite popular.

Prices range from about $200 to well over $1,000, depending on size and intricacy of design. Corner racks of wrought iron generally cost about $400 to $600, again depending on size.

Of course, you also have the option of building your own decorate wine racks. Make sure you use top-quality wood and allow 16 inches for depth. (The standard 750ml wine bottle is 12 inches long and about 3 inches across.)

Use wood screws or dowel fitting to fasten cradle pieces that should be at least 20 inches long and 10 inches wide. You can make a beautiful wood wine rack and save a lot of money. But remember that the goal is decorative wine racks!

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