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Do you know anything about Croatian wines? Chances are, probably not. Croatia, believe it or not, is quickly becoming a major wine making area, with more than 300 geographically established wine regions. These regions produce about 67% white wine and 32% red wines.

The remaining one percent is comprised of rose wines. Most of the wine that comes out of Croatia, about 70%, is deemed quality wine, while 10% is thought to be superior. The rest, of course, is table wine.

Why So Much White Wine?

Most of the wines that come out of Croatia are of the white variety, but do you know why? Most of Croatia has a harsh, arid climate inland which is more conducive to growing grapes that are ideally made into white wines. Because so much of the country has a climate that is better for white wine grapes, we have a prominence of the variety coming from Croatia. The coastal regions, where the climate is more temperate, is more known for its red wines. Many of the wines that come out of this country, regardless of color, are quite outstanding.

Types of Grapes

The grapes grown in Croatia may not be so familiar to lovers of western wines. Prominent grapes throughout Croatia include the Gra’evina, which is also known as the Welschriesling. Croatia is also home to Frankovka grapes, which are also known as Blaufrankisch. These grapes are typically used to make the delicious white wines of the region. Most of the reds that hail from the country are made from the Plavec Mali grape, which is very similar to the Zinfandel.

Croatian Wine Regions

There are two main wine regions in Croatia, the coastal region and the continental region. Each region has a number of sub-regions within them, with even smaller districts among the sub-regions. The inland, or continental region, stretches from the northwest to the southwest and is bordered by the Drava and Sava rivers. The coastal region is quite expansive in its own right, running alongside the Adriatic coast, covering Istria in the north and Dalmatia in the south. A number of islands are included in this region.

Hard to Find

It is likely that you haven’t heard of Croatian wines because they are pretty hard to find in the west. However, there are a few wine shops and even wine clubs that are beginning to offer featured Croatian varieties as some of the best wines in the world hail from this country. It is highly advisable, if you have the opportunity to try a wine from Croatia, that you do so.

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