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For those who want the appearance of “natural” cooling and the decorative appearance of the copper wine cooler, there are several styles available. Most of the quality products under this heading carry a rather high price tag, though it’s true that the copper finish on such items as the four-bottle size does increase the price a bit.

For example, one particular four-bottle copper wine refrigerator is made entirely of a base metal that is finished with copper. The cooler is shaped to resemble the “antique” style and of course holds four standard wine bottles. Prices on from various suppliers range up from about $140.

Most of the designs from suppliers of copper coolers are presented as giving the convenience of chilling wine without having to supply and re-supply ice during the evening. Putting the bottles in the wine cooler and setting it in the refrigerator for a few hours before a wine event should provide adequately chilled wine for the guests. The base metal/copper construction is intended to provide the chilling temperature desired.

Other wine chillers are made of solid copper and hold one or more bottles of wine, depending on size and construction.

"Old Dutch" wine coolers

Old dutch copper wine cooler

A company called Old Dutch makes a solid-copper wine cooler that sells at retail for about $399. Lower prices may be found online.

It is advertised as having a 3½ quart capacity and has “four copper cooling cylinders” set into the side of a “hollow, square copper container.” Ice placed in the core provides cooling for the four bottles, which stay dry because they are not in contact with the ice. This particular model has a brass pedestal and brass handles, which add to the appearance.

Copper wine coolers are available in several other shapes. One company manufactures a chiller in the shape of a king’s crown. This model is designed to chill one bottle and has hinged handles for transporting to the serving site. The unit is made of base metal and has a copper finish. Because it is not solid copper the retail price is $140. This chiller, and similar single-bottle designs, is available from various suppliers for around $100 to $110.

Copper wine bucket

Copper wine bucket

Another copper-plated design resembles a high-quality “copper” bucket with solid brass handles. According to other website reviews, this model has been extremely popular with consumers.

Some suppliers do not currently have the item in stock due to its popularity. For the online price of about $110, this copper-finished chiller comes with six bottle stoppers that have various designs on the top.

An Arizona supplier has a two-bottle chiller with a grapes/leaves design for about $465. However, this style and many like it are considered art in addition to providing the chilling system for wine. An insert that has two slots for the bottles fits into an oval base that measures 17 inches across.

My conclusion for these wine coolers

Depending on individual desire, copper wine coolers are available in many shapes and sizes. Prices range from about $40 to several hundred, depending on how intricate the design is and how much copper is used in construction.

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