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Wine lovers usually enjoy their favorite drink a bit more when it is served in a glass designed for the purpose. Going a step farther, the wine experience is better, according to aficionados, when the glass is really glass.

Cheap hand painted wine glasses are also great, but engraved or custom is generally combined with higher cost. This may be a problem for some people with limited budgets, however.

Fortunately, you don’t have to “settle” for drinking a good wine from a plastic cup or a stemmed glass made from thin plastic. With a bit of shopping effort you can find (adequate) cheap wine glasses that will satisfy all but the most “choosy” of guests.

Intricate designs or hand painting on wine glasses adds significantly to the cost. Glasses that are considered top-shelf may be shaped or made with additional hands-on attention. Of course, this adds to the price. But as the world of wine has welcomed hundreds, even thousands of new wine lovers in recent years, companies have started to offer excellent, inexpensive wine glasses.

Glasses for this purpose come in a variety of sizes. Suppliers even offer a few different shapes – though the well-known, rounded style is still the most popular. Two distinct shapes dominate the market – the more upright “chimney” style is often reserved for tasting and sometimes for champagne (more info for bulk Champagne glasses). The wider, rounded style is most commonly used for regular enjoyment of wine.

Great wine glasses for red wine enhance your wine experience.

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Great glas for red wine with a large enough opening

If you are being guided primarily by cost when searching for suitable wine glasses, look closely to make sure the set you consider doesn’t have obvious flaws or errors in shape. An even foot is crucial to keep the glass steady when it is set on a table.

Those who have experience with purchase and use of wine glasses also urge buyers to choose a glass that is a bit heavier. Glass that is too thin is easier to break, adding replacement cost to the overall expense.

Where to look for cheap wine glasses?

Just a few years ago it was necessary to go to a larger wine/wine supply store or high-end department store to find quality wine glasses. The market was smaller and outlets for good wine accessories were few and far between.

As wine has exploded in popularity in recent years, suitable wine glasses have become available in many more locations. Not only are there more wine supply and beverage supply retailers, there are more wholesale and catalog merchants who focus on this type of product.

New wineries have opened around the world and many offer their own line of inexpensive glasses. Wine lovers may occasionally find wine glasses in the discount shops, at yard sales and flea markets.

Some basics to consider

  • If you must choose between two sizes, choose the larger glass. A twelve-ounce glass can then be used to serve six ounces of wine quite comfortably.

  • For most wines, the glass should have a large enough opening at the top (but not too large) so that you can enjoy the aroma of the wine along with the taste.

  • Buy at least six glasses at a time so that you will have enough for a gathering and enough if you break one or two.

  • Expect to pay up to $10 or $12 for the best smooth wine glasses and two or three times that much for crystal. However, adequate glasses can be purchased in larger amounts starting at $1 to $3.
One feature that we haven’t touched on is the clarity of the glass.

Not only do wine lovers need to experience the taste and aroma of the wine, they should be able to enjoy the variety of rich red and gold that favorite wines offer!

Women drinking a glass of red wine.

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Besides the wine (of course), the right wine glasses shouldn't be neglected.

This is why some experts in the wine field urge aficionados not to use extremely figured glass or cut glass. This keeps us from appreciating those colors as the wine sits in its glass. With this in mind, the best bet is to find glasses that have some weight or “heft” yet aren’t too heavy to be uncomfortable.

One other type of glass may be considered – the stemless glass or tumbler. These have been used for centuries and may still be appropriate for serving your favorite red or white.

The key may be to purchase a quality glass at a reasonable price without paying for the weight and heavy bottom of a drink tumbler.

All the best for your cheap wine glasses shopping!

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