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White wine from the Chardonnay variety of grape is grown in many locations on Earth, though most people believe that this green-colored grape is originally from the Burgundy region of France.

Considered rather “neutral” among wine grapes, the Chardonnay is used in a few different types of finished wine. It is believed to be a cross between Pinot and Gouais Blance grapes.

Chardonnay is often used for sparkling wines. According to Wikipedia the popularity of this variety peaked several years ago. Among some wine aficionados it was viewed as overused, leading to less exclusivity in wine. Chardonnay is still planted in large amounts around the world.

A great Chardonnay wine club is the "Coastal Vineyards" club. If you are thinking about the monthly delivery of Chardonnay, this club is in my opinion THE address!

According to their website, Quotation from the Chardonnay wine club website.

Experienced wine lovers at Coastal Vineyards have extended this effort to Chardonnay, an extremely popular variety.

As the site describes it, Chardonnay offers “red and green apple aromas” along with “scents of vanilla, caramel and butter.” Chardonnay Wine Club members find that this wine goes well with several main courses and desserts.

Coastal Vineyards website

-- Chardonnay wine of the month club --
Website of the Coastal Vineyards wine club

Two monthly membership options...

Because it is such a popular grape and so widely used, Chardonnay wines are quite popular with wine club members. In fact, Coastal Vineyards offers five membership choices in their Chardonnay Wine Club.

The monthly options are:

  • Chardonnay Experience Monthly Membership for $49.95

  • Chardonnay Experience Samper - also for $49.95

The price for both monthly wine club memberships include shipping and handling (which is exceptional in my optinion).

For this fee, members receive two bottles of select Chardonnay each month. The website offers a gift-wrapping option. Members may also choose to receive their wine less frequently simply by selecting when to send shipments. In this way, members actually choose not to receive wine and not to pay a fee in certain months.

Three-month membership option...

The three-month membership is $138.95.

Members may also choose not to have wine shipped at certain times, with choices for “every 2 months” and “quarterly.”

By paying for three months up front, members are simply committing to buying six bottles of select Chardonnay at some point.

(If you have questions, contact customer support and ask them to explain the details.)

Six-month wine club membership...

Six-month membership is $274.95.

The company also offers a one-year membership for $538.95.

Be sure to ask about the special prices, such as $42.95 for one month and $499.95 for the year membership. Shipping and handling costs are included in each membership fee.

Featured Chardonnay selections include those from:

  • Adelaida Cellars
  • Aqua Pumkin
  • Brucher
  • Domaine Alfred
  • Jack Creek Cellars
  • San Simeon
  • Santa Barbara Winery
  • Stephen’s Cellar
  • Tarrica Wine Cellars
  • Tobin James Cellars and others.

Coastal Vineyards' premium wine club option

Coastal Vineyards also offers the Chardonnay Premium Experience at higher fees!

Wines offered to Premium members come from “our special V.I.P. Vault” set aside for “judiciously discriminating connoisseurs and aficionados who have developed a taste for the more exceptionally rare wines of renown.”

These wines are generally more difficult to acquire. A monthly Premium membership costs $69.95, while the three-month membership comes in at $209.95 (Six months - $418.85).

My impression of their website...

First-time visitors to the Chardonnay Wine Club site will find a rather light-hearted atmosphere, with some cartoon graphics and a simple page layout.

Nevertheless, I find the home page a little bit to "cluttered". For me it wasn't obvious where the "wine club" button was. In the end I clicked on "Need wine?" somewhere at the bottom. So, the navigation isn't what I would call easy-and-straigthforward.

What's really cool....

An animated video provides details about Coastal Vineyards and about Chardonnay.

Animated video of the wine club.

The company also offers a number of other club memberships, some of which will work very well with both the featured and premium Chardonnay selections. These clubs include various premium meats, olives, olive oil and jellies.

Wine lovers interested in finding great Chardonnay wine may also discover excellent club choices at a few other wine club sites.

Most of these offer clubs that focus on various types of wine – general categories such as red and white, along with smaller categories like merlot, chardonnay and so on.

The popularity of wine in general, and Chardonnay in particular, has opened the door to Chardonnay enjoyment worldwide!

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