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You may be interested in one of the Canadian Wine Clubs as a member or for a gift of membership to your friend. Are you a wine enthusiast? Or have a friend who is a big fan of wine and you live in Canada? Then this might be something for you...

This type of membership allows you many different benefits that you would not get by purchasing the wine in your local wine store. Wine Clubs of Canada offer you more selection that includes rare and private market wines, they also deliver those wines to your home and they offer you a wide range of wine related information that gives you a more in-depth education about the wine you are drinking.

Canadian wine of the month clubs may offer you interesting events for wine tasting or some other wine interest. Some of these programs hold quite a few wine tastings all over Canada every year. In some cases, you may find that these tastings bring in the top chefs from all over the world to create dishes for the membership who want to learn wine pairing techniques.

Some of the wine clubs in Canada also feature special wine events which allow the membership to get a taste of the different wines from all over the world. They also learn how to cook different styles of foods to enhance the wine they drink, if this was one of the offerings of the club you joined.

Every month the members of the different Canadian Wine Clubs, may receive informative newsletters which give more information about events, tells you about the different wineries and restaurants who serve your favorite wines, as well as training you on the different wine related topics.

You will find that some of the Canadian Wine Clubs do have entrance or registration fees that range from $30 to $500 per year depending on the reputation, location and offerings of the club. Other fees may apply as well such as shipping fees, some registration fees and the cost of getting larger orders. In most cases membership is monthly, quarterly or yearly and is usually easily renewed online.

Another benefit of the Canadian wine of the month clubs is that they will send you bottles of wine on a monthly basis. These wines can be chosen by professionals in the wine industry, or you can choose your favorite types. The club sends these wines right to your front door, so you save time and money because you do not have to shop the stores for the wine and because you usually get the wine at a special discounted price, which is one of the benefits of being a member.

If you live in Canada or you can get to one of these programs through online websites, you will be able to become a member of one of the Canadian Wine Clubs and enjoy all the benefits of getting your wines and a wine education right through your membership plan. You will save money on your wine and get the very best wines that they have to offer which includes rare and hard to find wines.

You may get to take part in one of the many wine tasting events or one of the wine pairing event that your particular club offers. Most of all you will enjoy the feeling of belonging with other people who share you love of wine and learning about wines.

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