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When thinking about California wine gifts that would be perfect for a family member or friend who is a wine lover, the first item on the list might be a bottle or two of great California wine. The giver will never go wrong choosing one of several great red or white wines produced in the Golden State.

But if the gift ideas tend a bit more toward accessories, discount wine gift baskets and so on, don’t be too concerned. There are literally thousands of sources for great gifts from one of the premier wine-producing areas of the world.

Start with a bottle of great red wine and an equally great white wine, placed carefully into one of the many woven baskets made especially for this purpose. Many wine-gift suppliers offer selected bottles in beautiful wood presentation boxes that make great storage places after the wine is gone.

Choose a very interesting item from a merchant of California wine gifts that include ham, biscuit mix and numerous other eating and baking goodies. These items are complemented by herbal tea mix and snack items (all of which go very well with a light red wine). Also available for under $100 is a great cookie basket, with a mouth-watering display of different cookies in a large, picnic-style basket made with natural materials.

Wine Club Memberships - Great Idea!

There are many wine clubs located in this western state, all of which offer both wines and associated gifts. For example, for just a few dollars, you can enroll in a club that features only select white wines, or opt for a gathering of friends who love red wines.

If variety is the spice of your life, join a California “wine of the month” club (also see our review about the California Wine Club), which can satisfy your own desires and provide a source for great gifts in the future.

Box with wines.

Remember that shipping wine is a special task, not only to protect the precious cargo but also because there may be some state and local regulations on sending and receiving alcohol. Make sure you understand the details when you order wine as a gift and have it sent to a private address.

Aside from the great wines and the delicious food items that fall under the California wine gifts heading, there are dozens of wine accessories gifts to please friends and family. Several suppliers offer hand-painted wooden boxes for wine, in addition to hand-painted wine glasses. If some more unusual items seem to fit, try looking into the hundreds of different types of corkscrews. These interesting items range from the well-known “waiter’s friend” to the more elaborate electronic corkscrews of the 21st century.

Those who are not sure just how a wine-related gift fits into the gift world, consider that many gift merchants in California suggest items for a new baby, seasonal and holiday gifts, bon voyage presents for the traveler, corporate thank-you presentations and even a get-well greeting.

When thinking about wine-related gifts, don’t forget clothing! Shirts, hats and caps are very popular when they are adorned with artwork that professes the wearer’s love of “all things wine.”

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