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There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of sources for bulk champagne glasses that might be used for weddings and other formal celebrations. It’s important to understand, from the start, that prices vary quite a bit, depending on whether you want high-quality glass and shape, and whether you need the glasses to be engraved.

Of course, most people visualize a shaped glass with a long stem for champagne, though there are glasses available without stems. Prices vary depending on design, shape and engraving, but prices for glass items that are not engraved might range from about $38 to $80 per dozen.

Tip: Some champagne glasses are better than others, believe it or not. The shape can help trap bubbles or caused some of the bubbles to be lost. People with experience using champagne glasses also warn users not to wash the glasses in a dishwasher or by hand with soap. This can cause “dead” champagne.

Compare prices...

Champagne glass

When buying bulk champagne glasses its best to compare a dozen glasses as a unit and get prices from the various suppliers. One example of a more expensive glass has a slightly heavier stem and holds 4.5 ounces of liquid. These sell for approximately $4 each and are ordered by the dozen.

Some nice champagne flutes are available in color and clear plastic. These are heavy enough to serve well in celebration settings. In fact, some of the more complex designs and colors actually cost more than basic glass items.

While these might cost $4 or $5 each in some cases, there is one great advantage – most of them are unbreakable!

First stop to buy: hotel/restaurant suppliers

Some customers find that working with a hotel/restaurant supplier is the best way to get above-average champagne glasses in bulk without paying quite so much for each one. As an example, one supplier offers champagne glasses with personalized and custom names or messages for under $4 each.

Bulk glasses without engraving or messages are available from this same supplier for under $2 each. Compare this to the $4 each mentioned earlier and it’s easy to understand why people who have made this bulk purchase suggest some careful shopping before making a selection.

Full champagne glass Others suggest buying disposable glasses made of lighter plastic to reduce the cost of this item. Weddings might call for 200 or 300 glasses. Buying higher-quality glass product might be just a bit out of the budget limits for some families.

Some of the “dollar” stores and discount stores that have become popular in the past few years will occasionally offer lower-cost, plastic champagne and wine glasses. This can be a great source but it may take a bit of luck to find what you need.

Great way to save time and money...

As an alternative to buying glasses that may only be used once, some wedding planners and those who plan other major celebrations make arrangements to use champagne glasses already at the banquet hall or dance venue. Some sites will provide the glasses for a fee that is meant to cover breakage, loss and cleanup.

This is an excellent idea for those who want to save money and save the time it takes to select, order and transport bulk champagne glasses.

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